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Planning is a basic tool for the proper development of any establishment. The Sultan Qaboos University acknowledges this and has adopted the policy of using strategic planning in all its development activities, whether they occur at the level of units or at the level of the University at large.

The University has established a department of Planning and Statistics (PSD) with specific functions relating to planning in the University. These detailed functions are available on this website. In general, the PSD is required to provide advise based on scientific principles of planning to decision makers, by reviewing all development proposals and making appropriate recommendations. In order to provide such advise, the PSD is now in the process of establishing a data warehouse for the University so that all planning will be based on real data which can help to prepare development proposals and monitor progress of all development projects and other activities in the University and provide progress reports for decision makers.

Visitors to this website can access information about the structure of the PSD and its responsibilities. Information about the publications of the PSD is also available here.

We would also appreciate receiving comments and suggestions that you might have.

Dr.Salim Al Hashmi
Director of Planning & Statistics Department


High-level planning strategies.


The establishment of a solid base of scientific planning based on present real up-to-date data with full appreciation of the future development in all units of the University.


The main objective of the PSD is to ensure the proper preparation and execution of all University projects in full conformity with University objectives and functions by establishing a planning culture within the University and coordinating all efforts for planning amongst the various units in the university through the identification of the right mechanisms for cooperation acceptable to all.


The Responsibilities of the Department

  1. Participate in the preparation of the current, five-year and strategic plans of the University.
  2. Propose up-to-date procedures and mechanisms for the proper planning policy including the estimation of the needs for academic programmes, personnel, finance, and general services
  3. Participate in the planning and development of all aspects of the university in conformity with the present and future needs, identifying the priorities in accordance with the available facilities.
  4. Follow-up the execution of the approved projects and submit regular reports on its progress and suggest corrective actions in case of difficulties.
  5. Follow-up on the decisions regarding university plans and approved recommendations of external assessors as well as the recommendations of conferences and workshops held by the University in consultation with the relevant University units.
  6. Prepare regular reports on all on-going projects indicating the progress made and any difficulties encountered and making suggestions to the relevant units on corrective actions.
  7. Participate in carrying out investigations and feasibility studies on aspects that help in the preparation of development projects within the University.
  8. Coordinate with the various units in the University in identifying and studying possible development projects and those that assess the needs of the Omani society and make appropriate proposals to the University.
  9. Collect and organize all data regarding the activities of the University and provide a system of archiving and easily retrieving them.
  10. Provide a facility for availing data required by any unit within the University according to the rules and regulations of the University.
  11. Prepare and issue, on a regular basis, publications and statistical analyses including the performance indicators for the various units in the University.
  12. Any other duties referred to it.








Coordination and follow up

Coordination and follow up section

  1. Carrying out work related to correspondence such as receiving, sending and following up.
  2. Entering the training needs of the department's employees.
  3. Entering and coordinating vacations for department employees
  4. Organizing and coordinating appointments related to the work of the department, and participating in the preparation for the meetings of the director of the department.
  5. Supervising the department's petty cash and following up the settlement of bills in accordance with the university's financial laws and regulations.
  6. Participate in the preparation of reports and bulletins issued by the department.
  7. Registering and sending the department's requests to the stores on an annual basis.
Planning Section

Planning Section

  •  Receiving and collecting suggestions and planning schemes that brought by the university's units and studying on purpose of preparing planning schemes and programs for the university.
  •  Suggesting procedures and necessary methods to modernize methodical planning in the university and suggesting necessary initiatives and standards develop the planning process and achieving the objectives of the university. 
  • Participating in preparing long term strategic plans and make sure that they suit the objectives, views, and university's thesis and extracting quinquennial plans scheme from strategic plans and developing them according to the new outcomings.
  • Finding and developing possible means to evaluate the needs of academic programs, human resources, finance and establishing utilities to facilitate decision making concerning the affixing of policies and programs that determine the priorities, and that by coordinating with specialized authorities. 
  • Participating in preparation of annual working plans on which the university budget is prepared and that by coordinating with specialized authorities. 
  • Cooperating with specialized authorities concerning the preparation of balance developmental scheme.
  • Coordinating with specialized authorities concerning working on planning, and developing the university premises which suit the future recommendations and making sure of good utilization of those premises and the percentage of working. 
  • Participating in preparation of primary planning studies, concerning the construction of the university premises and determining the priorities according to available possibilities and that by coordinating with the specialized authorities.
  •   Any other tasks assigned to do.


  • Collecting data, information, and statistics connected with different aspects of activities in the university.
  • Categorizing and classifying the data of the university and putting principles of saving and taking back the data.
  •  Providing the meant authorities with data and statistical information according to what is determined by instructions.
  •  Deducing the statistical indicators connected with the performance of different university units to benefit from in the planning processing and the easiness of making suitable decisions.
  • Preparing and issuing bulletins, annual statistical books for the university.
  • Any other Tasks assigned to do.
Studies and Researches

Studies and Researches

  •  Studying the progress of executing the approved plans and perception on what has been executed or not executed of such plans and the factors affecting on that and to be taken under consideration when working in amending these plans and when preparing new plans. 
  •  Coordinating with the university units to prepare honorable studies that monitor the future needs of the society and putting suitable suggestions to suit those needs along with the university out comings and academic programs.
  • Carrying out studies and researches that detect the performance of the university academic, researching, administrative and servicing units to evaluate the plans execution process and approved programs.
  • Carrying out studies, researches connected with the academical process and administration which participate in putting strategic view or modernize systems, policies or developing the services level, through cooperation with different university units.
  • Designing questionnaires used in studies and researches and guarantee the methods of taking samples with accurate statistical methodology with the help of an electronic system to design and distribute questionnaires.
  •  Pursuing the execution of studies and researches, according to the approved timetable for each study.
  • Studying the reports of the department sections about performing their tasks according to rules that arrange the work to guarantee the quality of performance in the department.
  •  Preparing and writing bulletins, reports of studies and researches that done by section.
  •  Participation in preparing annual statistical book by coordination with the section of the department.
  • Any other tasks assigned to do.
Equipment Information for Planning

Equipment Information for Planning

  •  Work in cooperation with meant authorities in the university to satisfy the data of equipment and scientific, medical and research devices concerning the following; their numbers, types, places of availability and functions. Authorities that benefited from the curriculums that serve. Working percentage. Assumed age (production).
  •   Work in cooperation with the specialized authorities in analyzing and evaluating the situation of equipment's and scientific, medical and researching devices in the university and to raise the needed recommendations on that equipment and devices.
  •  Coordinating the needs of colleges, researching centers, other university units, university hospital of specialized equipment and scientific, medical and research devices.
  •  Participation of practices and purchases committee in the university with the technical opinion from a planning point of view when purchasing equipment and scientific, medical and research devices with a purchase price of twenty Omani Rials or more.
  • Coordinating with meant authorities in the university to make sure that the equipment's and scientific devices achieve the working efficiency to complement between university units, colleges, centers and preventing financial, administrative and working squandering.
  •    Any other tasks assigned to do.
Info. Systems for Planning

Info. Systems for Planning 

  • Working in cooperation with specialized authorities to build a complete electronic database for the department, taking all its data from the databases available in different university units.
  • Administrating and working the complete electronic database by coordinating with specialized authorities.
  •  Preparing and designing tables and electronic form by confirmed patterns and the department needs.
  •  Technical support for the department and providing them with data and information extracted from a complete electronic database.
  •    Continuous coordination with the database representatives in different university units and connected with the complete electronic database to enable the specialized authorities to modernize its updating data.
  •   Coordinating with the information systems center concerning the maintenance of devices and equipment of the complete electronic database.
  •  Making sure of the matching the future net database systems in the university with the needs of the complete electronic database.
  •  Developing and modernizing the complete electronic database with what suits the future work requirements and universal technical developments.
  • Working to guarantee accuracy and inclusion of data and information extracted from the base to support taking the decision and the planning process in the university.
  • Any other tasks assigned to do.

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