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Sultan Qaboos University is the realization of the promise announced by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said during the 10th anniversary of Oman’s National Day in 1980. Construction started in 1982 and the first Sultan Qaboos University students were enrolled in 1986. In accordance with the Royal Directives of His Majesty, the University commenced with five colleges; namely Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Education, and Science. The College of Arts was opened in 1987, and a College of Commerce and Economics was opened in 1993.

The design and construction of the campus were carried out with great attention to the fulfillment of these objectives, with the overall appearance of the buildings carefully planned to accommodate the physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs of students, faculty, and staff.

The Department of Public Relations and Information was established in 1986, to create and maintain close relations between the university and its community and outside organizations. In addition, it seeks to spread a positive image of the university and its effective role in developing the country based on its mission. The Department pursues to achieve a close relation and cooperation with the administrative, academic and technical units at the university.


Providing a realistic image of SQU based on its missions, goals, activities, and accomplishments.



The department seeks to make a great effort to the fields of public relations and information, based on research, planning, evaluation, and effective communication. Furthermore, it looks to spread the knowledge, build mutual relations inside and outside the university, provide transparent and credible information service.



  • Providing a realistic image of the university which reflects its policies, programs and activities on the institutional level and on its academic, administrative and service units.
  • Creating and developing excellent relations between the university and the society and other institutions.
  • Promoting a mutual cooperation and relations between the University and the national and regional media institutions.
  • Promoting mutual relations between the university’s administration and its community.
  • Providing a feedback to the university’s administration about the interest of the university’s community.
  • Providing support to the university’s units in organizing various events.
  • Creating an integrated digital archive which represents the university’s memory and documenting special events at the university.

Jamal Said Nasser Al-Riyami

Director Of Public Relations & Information

Ext: 5500


Basheer Salim Abdullah Al-Riyami

Deputy Director of Public Relations

Ext: 5544


Hilal Saif Al-Badi

Deputy Director of Information

Ext: 3030



Director Office

  • Coordination, Follow up & Documentation
  • Promotion & Advertising
  • Celebrations & Conferences

Coordination Follow up & Documentation

  1. Preparing correspondences’ notes related to administrative and financial correspondences of the department.
  2. Following up the department’s, The Committee of Directors of departments and centers affiliated to the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs. The Committee of Earthquake Monitoring. correspondence, file them and prepare electronic indexing.
  3. Supervising and following up the work of support services employees.
  4.  Preparing and following up the agenda of the director and carrying out the minutes of meetings.
  5. Following up the department’s petty cash in coordination with the director.
  6.  Following up the requests of buying devices for the department, maintain and inventory them.
  7.  Coordinating with the director and his deputies about scholarships and training courses for the employees.
  8.  Preparing the department’s budget according to specific terms.
  9.  Supervising the petty cash and following up the balancing of bills.
  10.  Following up and scheduling the department’s procurements.
  11.  Booking hotels for the university’s guests.
  12.  Entering the procurement’ requests of the department’s devices, maintain and inventory them periodically.
  13.  Carrying out the annual budget terms upon the director’s order.
  14. Entering the requests of employees’ scholarship and training program with the approval of the director.
  15.  Any other tasks assigned to the section.


Sultan Khamis Ali Al-Saadi 
Head of Department 
Ext : 5505

Promotion and Advertising

  1. Managing the image of the university in cooperation with other sections in the Department of Information and Public Relations and the University’s Administration in anything reflecting the identity of Sultan Qaboos University and its image in the community.
  2.  Working on enhancing the image of Sultan Qaboos university among the public in collaboration with other sections of Public Relations and Information Department.
  3.  Implementing and supervising the advertising and promotion policy of the university.
  4.  Managing any promotional activity of the external companies at the university.
  5.  Coordinating and following up the offers provided by companies to the students and employees of the university.
  6. Looking for the sponsoring companies for each activity or event.
  7. Building strategic relations with other media organizations, in order to find an advertising space for the university.
  8.  Supervising the advertising materials which appear on the publications of the department and various mass media.
  9. Supervising the main advertising boards related to the department.
  10.  Suggesting plans and promotional programs for the activities through different publications of the university and other media in cooperation with relevant sections.
  11.  Preparing database and statistics of the number of companies announced by the university.
  12.  Preparing media files for the Department of Public Relations and Information in collaboration with other sections.
  13. Any other tasks assigned to the section


Jokha Ali Majid Al Maamari 
Head of  Department 
Ext : 5526

Celebrations & Conferences

  1.  Following-up and coordinating all the committees in which the Director of the Department is a member and rapporteur.
  2.  Preparing the agenda and the minutes of committees' meetings.
  3.  Following-up the Committees of Celebration which deals with the celebrations of the University Day and Graduation Ceremony.
  4.  Preparing the content of conferences and external Symposiums booklets.
  5.  Taking care of the correspondence part which is related to the section's works.
  6.  Coordinating and following-up with the committees' members with respect to meetings.
  7.  Coordinating and following-up the reservations of halls in the campus to be used for events arranged within the university.
  8. Following-up and supervising the conferences and seminars which are held within and outside the University.
  9.  Promoting and advertising conferences and seminars in coordination with the department concerned and regulators within the university.
  10.  Representing the department in the preparatory committees for conferences and seminars organized by the university's colleges and centers.
  11. Overseeing the organization of exhibitions related to conferences and seminars held inside and outside the university.
  12. Any other tasks assigned to the section.


  • The section overseeing subcommittees:
  1. The Committee of Celebration.
  2. The Committee of Conferences and External Symposiums.

Khamis Hamed Mubarik Al-Hadhrami 
Head of Department
Ext: 5522

PR Sections

Employees’ Services


  1.  Responsible for extracting resident and visits visas and follows up of conduct fingerprinting for new employees and their families.
  2.  Following-up the renewal and cancellation of visa of staff and their families during service and at the end of their service to the institution respectively.
  3. 3) Receiving and bidding farewell the leaving staff of the university and follows-up the procedures of residence and booking.
  4. Following-up their accommodation and cargo and luggage handling.
  5. Transferring the sponsorship from the university to the public and private sectors and vice versa.
  6.  Securing adequate housing and transportation to the guests of the university in the Faculty Club in coordination with the Department of Administrative Affairs. In case there is no available rooms in the club, the Section coordinates with the Coordination and Follow-up Section of the department to book in one of the hotels.
  7.  Extracting Arab and foreign countries' visas for faculty, administrative, technical members and their families.
  8.  Responsible for ending the transactions of the university's employees from the Department of Immigration and Passports, issues related to police stations and public prosecutors.
  9. Responsible for processing death certificates of the foreign employees of the university .
  10.  Following-up the matters of the airport, such as entry permits to the airport.
  11.  Any other tasks assigned to the section.



Nasser Hamed Hamood Al-Waheibi 
Head of the department
Ext : 5550

Protocol and Hospitality Section


  1.  Organizing all different university’s events.
  2. Receiving and preparing the program of official visits for the guests and delegations.
  3.  Providing proposal of the names of the formal guests and report them to the administration to attend the university’s events.
  4.  Providing hospitality for conferences, symposia and official visits.
  5. Preparing the invitation cards, following-up the printing, sending invitations to guests and ensuring their attendance and apologies.
  6. Following up the organization and preparation of the halls for the conferences and symposia.
  7.  Scheduling the time of official visits and send them to the administration and relevant institutions.
  8. Issuing the permissions of entering the tourist utilities for the senior guests.
  9.  Any other task assigned to the section.


Ali Abdullah Said Al-Adawi 
Head of Department
Ext : 5533

Cultural and Social Activities


It is one of the important sections the works assigned to which are daily renewable. This section arranges all the well known protocols during the university’s occasions and events through updating the lists of senior officials at the university , preparing invitation cards and following-up the printing, sending the invitations to the guests and ensuring their attendance and apologies. Furthermore, it is responsible for preparing the official visits of the guests of the university and arranging meetings with the Deputy Vice Chancellor. . Besides, it coordinates visit schedules of guests and delegations to various colleges and units of the university as well as oversees the reception and hospitality formalities. This includes reception, farewell, organizing parties, and distributing gifts. In line with technological development, computers are used in this section to save all the information related to the expatriate employees in order to ensure easy access to this information at any time.


Sultan Khamis Ali Al-Saadi 
Head of the department
Ext : 5511

Covenants and Gifts


  1.  Overseeing the properties of the department and saving them in proper way.
  2.  Overseeing the store of the department and organizing it.
  3. Making an annual inventory and providing detailed statements of the department.
  4. Asking for all materials and distributing them to the sections.
  5. Preparing gifts and tourism files for the university’s guests in collaboration with Protocol sections and Cultural and Social Activities.
  6.  Saving and arranging the equipment of the department such as flags, gifts, pictures and distributing them to colleges, centers and departments.
  7.  Saving official symbols such as khanjers (daggers) and the official gown and organizing the way of using them.
  8.  Any other tasks assigned to the section.


Khalid Rashid Eid Al-Hashmi 
Head of Department 
Ext : 5510

Information Sections

  1.  Managing the image of the university in the print media, and communicating with the media with respect to the journalism at the university.
  2.  Press coverage of all university's activities and events and supplying various media releases with news.
  3.  Publishing newsletters in both Arabic and English languages.
  4. Publishing documentary on university as portrayed in the print media.
  5.  Coordinating with the university administration in respect of all interviews with officials of the university, and preparing interviews and suggesting the time of publishing them according to media plans prepared in this regard.
  6.  Providing Digital Communication Section with the outcome of media coverage of the university's events.
  7. Translating and preparing English news for the English newspapers.
  8. Providing translation service for any work that need to be translated, from and to English language, for other information sections.
  9.  Any other tasks assigned to the section.


Hassan Ahmed Mohamed Said Al-Lawati 
Head of Department 
Ext : 2705



Digital Communication
  1. Managing and supervising the university Web site and supervises the preparation of published material in coordination and cooperation with the university's colleges, centers and departments.
  2. Managing the digital media of the university.
  3.  Publishing news and audio-visual materials in the University's website about the activities and events held at the university in coordination with the Journalism Section and the Radio and T.V Programs Section.
  4.  Following-up and monitoring whatever published about the university in the electronic social media sites and responding to it in coordination with the competent authorities at the university.
  5. Publishing advertisements received from colleges and centers through the university's e-mail system.
  6. Any other tasks assigned to the section. 


Mr.AL-Hassan Salim Al-Subhi
Ext. 3041

Art Producation & Design
  1.  Managing, supervising and preserving the artistic identity.
  2. Designing and producing the university’s publications which include the department’s publications and other press publications.
  3.  Designing invitation cards, advertisements and introductory boards.
  4. Giving the artistic advices for the university’s designs.
  5. Participating in maintaining the university’s website.
  6. Any other tasks assigned to the section.

Mr. Muneer Masoud Shuwain Al-Sulaimi
Haad of the department
Ext. 3000

Radio & T.V. Programs
  1. Managing the image of the University in radio and television.
  2.  Preparing and producing television and radio reports and programs, and preparing films about the university which is broadcast on television.
  3.  Coordinating and preparing interviews for radio and television , and find media spaces for the University within local and foreign radio and television.
  4.  Communicating with local and foreign channels on what serves the university in the field of media, and representing the university in the audio and visual media.
  5. Following-up the implementation of plans and information campaigns laid down by the Department of Public Relations and Information in the media.
  6.  Providing Digital Communication section with audio and visual materials to be posted on the Internet.
  7.  Any other tasks assigned to the section. 


Marwa Hamed Saud Ambu-Saidi

Publishing & Press
  1. Overseeing the publications of the university such as the introductory books for the university’s visitors. 
  2.  Contributing in publishing the annual publications of the university ( The University Book, in Arabic and English, Telephone Directory of the university, Al Masar, Horizon compendiums and Mind Over Mater).
  3.  Reviewing the publications linguistically.
  4.  Issuing permits of different publications released from the university in collaboration with the university press and the Department of Publishing and Press at the Ministry of Information.
  5. Overseeing external exhibitions as assigned by the university’s administration.
  6.  Providing statistics about the university (such as information about the number of enrolled students at the university, the number of employees, the number of faculty, the number of academic programs, the number of graduate students and other information about the university). 


Asma Salim Mohamed Al-Ghailani 
Head of Department 
Ext : 3347 

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