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Our anticipated vision is that the College of Science aspires to maintain its standing as the premier national institute and to become a renowned regional academic institution for excellence in teaching, research, and community services.  Concurrently, we are pledge-bound to uphold our mission to provide outstanding education in Science, to conduct high-quality research of national and international importance, and to support the scientific development of the Sultanate.

In the recent years there have been intensive efforts to implicate and execute the strategic plan, diversification and increase of our postgraduate intake in all 9 postgraduate programs.  In addition, number of PhD and MSc graduates has increased compared to previous years. These efforts have been strengthened by many research collaborations and international research agreements. The College of Science research outcomes are at very good standard. Despite intensive teaching duties and other academic & administrative activities our academic staff members are involved with scholarly activities i.e. regular journal publications, conference & workshop attendance, research and project supervision, seminar presentations etc.  In 2014, our research productivity has increased in comparison to the previous years. Our faculty members have been making proper use of the various grants they secured through His Majesty (HM) Trust, Internal Grants (IG), the Research Council (TRC) Grants and other venues. In parallel, the College has been putting all efforts to ensure proper use of its human and material resources in the most effective way.

Prof. Ahmed D. Al-Rawas

Dean, College of Science

Ahmed D. Al-Rawas

Ahmed D. Al-Rawas (Prof.)

Dean, College of Science











Prof. Ahmed Dhofar Al-Rawas
College Dean 
Office 1127
E-mail arawas@squ.edu.om
Ahmed Al-Rawas


Raya Hilal Al Maawali
Office 0102
Telephone +968 2414 2229
E-mail rayan86@squ.edu.om

BSc (College of Applied sciences, 2012)

 Specialization  International Business Administration 


Ruberhose Natividad 
Office 0102
Telephone +968 2414 1401
E-mail rubypn@squ.edu.om


Siham Nasser Al Shiyadi 
Office 0102
Telephone +968 2414 2269
E-mail sihamnaser@squ.edu.om

BSc (College of Applied sciences, 2017)

 Specialization International Business Administration
Hassan Al-Reasi (Assistant Professor)
Assisstant Dean (UGS)
Office 0111
Telephone +968 2414 1402
E-mail alreasi@squ.edu.om
Hassan Ali Al-Reasi


Fatma Issa Al- Farsi 
Office 0086
Telephone +968 24142241
E-mail fatma2424@squ.edu.om
Education Diploma (Al Musanna College of Technology, 2014)


Maladh Al-Yousfi
Office 0086
Title Coordination & Follow-Up & Archieve Specialist 
Telephone +968 2414 2237
E-mail m.alyousf@squ.edu.om
Education BSc (SQU, 2018)


Saif Nabhan Al Maawali 
Office 0085
Title Student Affairs Specialist
Telephone +968 24141403
E-mail maawali@squ.edu.om
Education BSc (SQU, 2010)
Tariq M. Ghulam (Associate Professor)
Assistant Dean (TCS)
Office 0107
E-mail tariqm@squ.edu.om


Fathiya Nasser Al Hamadani
Office 0082
Telephone +968 2414 2278
E-mail hamadani@squ.edu.om
Credentials Higher Diploma (Sohar University, 2010)


Abdullah Suliman Al-Balushi
Office 0082
Title Coordination & Follow-Up & Archieve Specialist 
Telephone +968 2414 2278
E-mail a.albalushi4@squ.edu.om
Credentials BSc (SQU, 2019)
Mudhahir Mirza Al-Ajmi (Associate Professor)
Assistant Dean (PGRS)
Office 0081
E-mail mudhahir@squ.edu.om
Mudhahir Al-Ajmi


Qamariya Abdullah Al-Mughairy 
Office 0108
Telephone +968 2414 2243
E-mail qamariya@squ.edu.om


Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Abri 
Office 0108B
Telephone +968 2414 2268
E-mail ibrahimi@squ.edu.om
Credentials Diploma (HCT, 2010)
Mohsin Saif Al-Hinai
Administrative Director
Office 2077
Telephone +968 2414 1408
E-mail mohsin1@squ.edu.om


Assistant Administrative Director
Office 1401
Telephone +968 2414 1910


Aisha Abdullah Al-Bulushi 
Office 0110
Telephone +968 2414 1475
E-mail abulushi@squ.edu.om
Education  BSc (SQU)


Noora Rashid Al Ghafri 
Office 0110
Telephone +968 2414 1408
E-mail noorag@squ.edu.om
Education High Diploma (Al-Zahraa College)


Issa Khamis Al Hinai
Office 1401
Telephone +968 24141405
E-mail issa.k@squ.edu.om
Education  BSc (SQU, 2013)


Mazin Al-Harthi
Office 0106A - BookStore
Telephone +968 2414 2219
E-mail m.alharthi@squ.edu.om
Education BSc (ASU, 2019)


Sultan Said Al-Aamri
Photocopy Technician
Office 2028 (2nd Floor)
Telephone +968 2414 2346


Haitham Aulad Thani  
Office 0102A
Telephone +968 2414 2204


Saif Khamis Al-Gharbi 
Office 0102A
Telephone +968 2414 2204