Intelligent systems


Members: Dr. Hamza Zidoum(Coordinator); Dr. Abdelhamid Abdeselam; Dr. Amal Al Hashmi

Software Engineering 


Software Engineering mainly focuses on three distinct areas relevant to the development, re-engineering, and utilization of the software. The areas include Software Development models, software expansion and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). The first area focuses on Software Modeling and designing (Scenario-based and Component-based Software Engineering) and Program Testing and verification (Robustness, fault detection and testability issues). The second area based on modifying and improving the existing software functionalities. The third area involves with the development of HCI based on graphical user interface.

Members: Dr. Yassine Jamoussi(Coordinator); Prof. Youcef Baghdadi; Dr. Naoufel Kraiem; Dr. Zuhoor Al-Khanjari

Systems & Networks


  • Conducts research in areas related to parallel and distributed systems and networks including interconnection network for Systems on Chips (SOC) and networks on chip (NOC), mobile ad-hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, parallel algorithms, and distributed computing.

  • SRG supports undergraduate and postgraduate student projects, attracts internal and external grants.

  • Initiates relations with the industry

  • Develops international academic collaboration.

  • Supports education (developing and offering new programs, short courses, workshops, and seminars on systems and networking topics)

Members: Prof. Khaled Day(Coordinator); Dr. Huda Al-Amri; Dr. Abderazak Touzene; Dr. Nasser Al-Zidi

Web Computing 


  • Conducts research in areas related to service orientation, social networks ad media, semantic web, web services, e-commerce, social commerce, service orientation an d interaction

  • Supports undergraduate and postgraduate student projects

  • Attracts internal and external grants

  •  Initiates relations with the industry

  •  Develops international academic collaboration

  • Supports education (developing and offering new programs, short courses, workshops, and seminars on systems and networking topics).

Members: Prof. Youcef Baghdadi (Coordinator); Dr. Abdullah Al-Hamdani; Dr. Mohamed Al-Badawi; Yessine Al Jamoussi


Project Title Investigators  Collaborator(s) Name and Affiliations  Duration  Budget(OMR)  Year
Grid-Based Communication Schemes for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Arafeh, B. Day, K. Alzidi, N. Al Aamri, H. Touzene, A.   3 Years 127 400  
Discovery of Popular Structural Properties in a Website for Personalization and Adaptation (Ongoing) Al-Hamdani, A. Al-Lawati, H. (Muscat College) Al-Badawi, M. Al-Hosni, A. Al-Khanjari, Z.   3 years + one-year extension 36500 2011
Method Engineering for SOA Realization based on Welke’s SOA Maturity Model Baghdadi, Y. Kraiem N., Al-Hamdani, A. Al-Khanjari Z. Jamoussi, Y. Al-Badawi, M. Salinesi, C. Rolland, C. Rebecca, D. Souveyet, C. CRI, University Paris 1, France Hanachi, C. IRIT, Toulouse, France 3 Years    
Project Title
Project Code
Budget (OMR)

Method for recommendation and configuration in product lines


Dr. Naoufel Karim

Pr Camille Salenisi, CRI, University Paris 1, France.

3 years

50 000