Course Program Type Minor
PHYS2101 - General Physics I BSc Core
PHYS2102 - General Physics II BSc Core
PHYS2106 - Physics for Biomedical Sciences BSc Service
PHYS2107 - Physics for Engineers I BSc Service
PHYS2108 - Physics for Engineers II BSc Service
PHYS2401 - Introduction to Nanoscience BSc Elective
PHYS2801 - Astronomy (Arabic) BSc University Elective
PHYS2802 - Exploring the Universe (Arabic) BSc University Elective
PHYS2803 - Introduction to Nuclear Physics (Arabic) BSc University Elective
PHYS2901 - Introductory Astronomy BSc Elective Astronomy
PHYS3001 - Dynamics BSc Core
PHYS3005 - Experimental Methods I BSc Core
PHYS3100 - Introductory Computational Physics BSc Core
PHYS3101 - Theroretical Methods in Physics BSc Core
PHYS3120 - Physics of the Atmosphere BSc Elective
PHYS3103 - General Physics III BSc Core
PHYS3104 - Modern Physics BSc Core
PHYS3106 - Electronics BSc Core
PHYS3601 - Radiation Physics BSc Elective Nuclear
PHYS3602 - Fundamentals of Radiation Protection BSc Elective Nuclear
PHYS3603 - Operational Radiation Protection BSc Elective Nuclear
PHYS3901 - Mysteries of the Universe BSc Elective Astronomy
PHYS3903 - Introduction to Space Science BSc Elective Astronomy
PHYS3905 - Essentials of Meteorology BSc Elective Astronomy
PHYS3907 - Observational Techniques in Astronomy BSc Elective Astronomy
PHYS4018 - Thermal & Statistical Physics BSc Core
PHYS4030 - Electromagnetic Theory BSc Core
PHYS4100 - Optics & Lasers BSc Core
PHYS4101 - Quantum Physics I BSc Core
PHYS4105 - Experimental Methods II BSc Core
PHYS4107 - Computational Methods in Physics BSc Core
PHYS4601 - Ioanizing Radiation Protection BSc Elective Nuclear
PHYS4602 - Nuclear Applications BSc Elective Nuclear
PHYS4901 - Stellar Evolution & Nucleosynthesis BSc Elective Astronomy
PHYS4902 - Galactic Structure & Cosmology BSc Elective Astronomy
PHYS5003 - Condensed Matter Physics BSc Core
PHYS5105 - Experimental Methods III BSc Core
PHYS5106 - Nuclear Physics BSc Core
PHYS5551 - Physics Project I BSc Core
PHYS5552 - Physics Project II BSc Core
PHYS5601 - Introduction to Nuclear Power BSc Elective Nuclear
PHYS5901 - Image Processing & Data Analysis in Astronomy BSc Elective Astronomy
PHYS6001 - Classical Mechanics MSc Core
PHYS6002 - Classical Electrodynamics MSc Core
PHYS6003 - Quantum Physics MSc Core
PHYS6004 - Statistical Physics MSc Core
PHYS6005 - Mathematical Physics MSc Core
PHYS6016 - Experimental Techniques in Physics MSc Elective
PHYS6019 - Particle Physics MSc Elective
PHYS7001 - MSc Project MSc Core
PHYS8001 - PhD Project PhD Core