Crystal X-ray Diffraction

College of Science provide several facilities for staff, Students and Researchers. These are

Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction facility: The single crystal laboratory was established in 2016 and provides crystallographic support to researchers within the college of Science as well as offering services to external users. Its locatted in Lab 0078 - Ground floor (Next to College Administration)The facility operates a STOE IPDS II diffractometer, equipped with a Mo X-ray source. Sample temperatures between 90 and 300 K are attainable using the Cryostream low-temperature device, enabling low-temperature and variable temperature studies of single crystals (phase transitions, spin-crossover phenomena, and crystal thermochromism). 

Services provided by the facility:

  • Single crystal structure determination of a wide range of small molecule:
  • Organic & inorganic crystals, organometallic compounds, coordination polymers, high-temperature solid-state materials.

For more information Contact

Nawal K. Al-Rasbi (Associate Professor)

Phone: 2414 1477


Central Analytical and Applied Research Unit (CAARU): Location in Buliding-B of the college. It is located in the ground floor. The unit is a college of science facility under the dean's office. Contact the unit for any furthure enquiry through Email:

Life Science Unit (LSU): The unit is a service and research facility under Dean’s office. LSU plays integral role in the conservation and sustainability of Oman’s Flora and Fauna. Thereby they contribute towards environment conservation and protection of our cultural heritage. The unit manage and develop botanic garden and herbaruim plants.   


IT Zone Unit: Location in Science West buliding of the college. It is in the ground floor, Administration offices. The unit is a college facility under Dean's Office that provide IT support to end users, Update College Website & run IT-related workshops for End users. Use the IT support System ( to get help/assistant.  


College Photocopy: Location in Science West buliding of the college. Its located in the 2nd floor, Chemistry Department.  Academic staff can use this facility to photocopy exams, assignment, quizzes and handout for their students.


Book Store: Location in Science West buliding of the college. Its in the ground floor. Students/Academic Staff collect the textbooks for their courses at the beginning of the semester and return them back at the end of semester. Contact Mr. Khalid Al-Zadjali for any enquiry on ext. 2219


Glass blowing workshop (Chemistry Department): Location in science East building of the college. It is in the ground floor. The workshop provides required glass laboratory tools for researchers, Academics and technical staff. Contact Mr. Adel Agzoon for any enquiry on ext. 2409 and Email: 


Computational Research Lab (Physics Deptartment): Location South-West buliding of the college. It is in the 1st Floor, lab No. 1084. The lab equiped with around 12 PCs with dedicated graphics cards and wide screens, network printers, Software: COMSOL Multiphysics, MatlabOriginStellarium, MS Office, several research specific tools, Operating Systems: Windows, Scientific Linux


Zero-Client  Lab (Physics Deptartment): Location Science-East building of the college. It is in the 1st Floor, lab No. 1019. The lab equiped with Hardware: about 82 terminals, Software:  MatlabStellarium, MS Office, Operating Systems: Windows


Physics Computer Lab (Physics Deptartment): Location North-East building of the college. It is in the 1st Floor, lab No. 1028. The Lab equiped with about 33 PCs with dedicated graphics cards and wide screens, network printer, Software: MatlabOriginStellarium, MS Office, Operating Systems: Windows