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The department of Mathematics is one of the leading departments in the University for outstanding research and research-related activities. It is renowned internationally for publishing high standard and quality research. The faculty members are actively involved in research in different areas of applied and pure mathematics. The faculty members of the department have published 350 high-quality research papers since 2016.  

Applied Mathematics in the department is renowned for research in biomathematics, computational mathematics, fluid dynamics, fractional differential equations, general relativity, nonlinear dynamics, numerical analysis, optimization, etc.

Pure Mathematics in the department is renowned for research in algebra and topology, differential geometry, coding theory, combinatorics, complex analysis, control theory, functional analysis, group theory, harmonic analysis, ring theory, operator theory, etc.

The faculty members are also involved in collaborative interdisciplinary research.

Over the past years, the faculty members of the mathematics department successfully received a large number of research grants from the university and the national/international funding agencies. For example, 10 SQU IG Grants of a total value of 15,600 OMR were received during the academic years 2020 and 2021. In the current year, the departement receives 4 SQU IG Grants of a total value of 5,930 OMR.

The total number of internal and external grants in the department raised since 2016 is more than 45, valued at about $900,000. More information about these grants can be found on the Annual Research Reports page.

Collaborative research excels in research activities among the faculties. The Department of Mathematics promotes collaborative research in the department forming the research groups. In the department, there are two registered research groups, “FracDiff Research Group (DR/RG/03)” and “Modelling of Nanofluid Flows (DR/RG/04)”, with the Deanship of Research, SQU. The nanofluid research group achieved the “Most Active Research Group Award” in 2018 by the Deanship of Research on the 18th University Day.

The faculty members of the department are involved in various research-related activities.  During the past years, the department has successfully organized several international conferences, symposiums, workshops, webinars., etc. Some of the recent activities are: International Conference on Numerical Analysis and  Optimization (NAO I, II, III, IV, V), Cambridge-SQU Symposium (I, II, III), Workshop on Algebra and Geometry, Workshop on Frobenius Manifolds and Related Topics (online).

The Department of Mathematics usually record the annual research activities of all the faculty members at the end of each calendar year. The detailed reports since 2016 are as follows: