Fractional Differential Equations

The study of Existence, Non-Existence, Stability, Convergence, and efficient computational methods for various non-linear fractional differential models. We explore the field of Fractional differential equations and investigate its applications in real life problems including viscoelastic and non-Newtonian fluids.


Mokhtar Kirane, Ahmad Z. Fino, Sebti Kerbal, Nonexistence of Global Positive Solutions for p-Laplacian Equations with Non-Linear Memory, Fractal Fract. 2021, 5(4), 189.

Samir Karaa, Positivity of discrete time-fractional operators with applications to phase-field equations, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, 2021, 59(4),240-253.

Group Leader: Dr. Sebti Kerbal

Group members: Dr. Hamed Al Shamsi, Sultan Qaboos University; Dr. Hanifa Mohamed Nasir, Sultan Qaboos University; Dr. Nasser Al Salti, National University of Science and Technology; Dr. Samir Karaa, Sultan Qaboos University; Dr. Sebti Kerbal, Sultan Qaboos University; Prof. Mokhtar Kirane, Khalifa University, UAE; Dr. Erkinjon Karimov, Fergana State University, Uzbekistan

<h1>Modelling of Nanofluid Flows</h1>

Modelling of Nanofluid Flows

The multi-disciplinary research focuses on the modeling, simulation and characterization of nanofluids flow, heat and mass transfers in various media identifying their applications in physics, engineering, nanoscience and nanotechnology. The group actively works on various problems on nanofluids, prepare and submit projects for internal and external funding, jointly supervise PhD and MSc students, establish institutional collaboration nationally and internationally etc. Due to the excellent contributions in nanofluids research, the group was awarded the Most Active Research Group Award 2019 by the Deanship of Research, SQU. For the first time in history, receiving this award glorified the mathematics department as well as the College of Science.


Latifa M. Al-Balushi, M. J. Uddin, M. M. Rahman, H. F. Oztop, I. Pop: Threedimensional tilted hydromagnetic natural doublediffusive convection in a rectangular cuboid filled with nanofluids based on magnetic nanoparticles, Heat Transfer, vol. 51(2), pp. 1275-1305, 2022.

M. M. Rahman, M. S. Alam, N. Al-Salti, I. A. Eltayeb: Hydromagnetic natural convective heat transfer flow in an isosceles triangular cavity filled with nanofluid using two-component nonhomogeneous model, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, vol. 107, pp. 272-288, 2016.

Group Leader: Prof. Mohammad Mansur Rahman

Group members: Professor Mohammad Mansur Rahman, Sultan Qaboos University, Dr. Nasser Al Salti, National University of Science & Technology, Professor Md. Shariful Alam, Jagannath University, Dr. Khamis Al Kalbani, Sohar University, Dr. Md. Jashim Uddin, International Maritime College Oman, Dr. Sheikha Al-Weheibi, Sultan Qaboos University, Dr. Latifa Al-Balushi, Sultan Qaboos University