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The Department of Statistics (DOS) came into existence in the year 2018 following an executive order of his excellency the Vice Chancellor that resulted in the splitting the then, Department of Mathematics and Statistics (DOMAS) into two departments, Department of Mathematics and Department of Statistics. Its first head took office on the second of September 2018. The Department is the first department of Statistics in the Sultanate of Oman's universities and tertiary education institutions.


The department offers programs leading to the award of Bachelor of Science in Statistics (BSc. Statistics), Master Science in Statistics (MSc. Statistics) and Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics (PhD. Statistics). It also offers a special minor in Health Statistics which is designed for students pursuing careers as Statisticians in the Ministry of Health. A general minor in Statistics is also offered to students of other majors at the College of Science.


All these programs were in place prior to the existence of the department, so a bit of history is in order. The bachelor degree in Statistics started 1993, together with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, under the then department of Mathematics and Computing (DOMAC). The Department of Computer Science became a separate department in September 1995, and DOMAC became the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (DOMAS). The other statistics programs that started under the DOMAS  are the minor in Health Statistics (1998), Master of Science in Statistics (1999) and PhD in Statistics (2010).


The department is committed to quality teaching, research and community service. It aspires to:
  1. Fulfill the role of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) as the reference and national house of expertise in the theory and application of Statistics,
  2. Open wider the doors for interdisciplinary research of direct relevance to the Sultanate of Oman,
  3. Impact and invigorate the Sultanate Qaboos University's statistics academic programs,
  4. Pursue cutting edge research, as well as support it through collaboration
  5. Enhance statistical consulting and community services' involvement, and
  6. Inspire new ways to work together with the community,


We hope you will find the information in this website useful and encouraging to contact and establish links with the Department of Statistics. For any information, please do not hesitate to contact us at DeptofStat@squ.edu.om


To offer quality statistics education that produces life-long learners, creative problem-solvers, productive employees and responsible citizens.


To contribute to the overall objectives of Sultan Qaboos University through excellence in statistics education, research and service to the university community and society at large.

Statistics is the study and manipulation of data, concerned with developing and studying methods for collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting empirical data.

Statistical methods are important for addressing questions in various fields of science such as industry, public policy, medicine, and virtually every branch of human life.

Worldwide, the demand for using statistical methods has increased dramatically with the big abundance of large databases in fields like web traffic, human genome, social media and e-marketing and trading.Mohammed Alodat

It is the actual need to deal with this large flux in data production that drives researchers to develop new statistical methods to answer the questions that the data poses.

Therefore, the department is keen to strengthen its academic staff so as to achieve diversity in their specializations and research interests. The department's staff also follows up on new developments and updates in the fields of data analysis and related technologies; which is reflected in the study plans in the department's programs. From the beginning, the department has been keen to ensure a statistical education of international standards, and for this purpose, it submitted an application for accreditation of the bachelor’s program in statistics from the Accreditation Agency for Study Programs in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN), where the department obtained accreditation for the first period on December 7 from 2018 to September 30, 2024.

We hope that this information will be useful to the visitors of our webpage, and if you need more additional information about the department and its programs, do not hesitate to contact us at the department's e-mail. DeptofStat@squ.edu.om

Program Accreditation

The Department of Statistics is maintains high and competitive international standard in training and research. The programs of study are internationally accredited. Credit goes to the Adhoc Committee members who participated in this task: Dr. Khilid Abdelbasit (Chair), Dr. Charles Bakheit and Dr. Ronald Wesonga (Rapporteur).


Community Outreach at the Department of Statistics


University of Technology and Applied Sciences

On the 6th March 2024, Dr. Iman Al Hasani, the Vice Chair of the Data Science Analytics Lab (DSAL), delivered a two-hour seminar at the Applied Sciences Department, University of Technology and Applied Sciences. The title of the seminar was "Data-Driven Research: the Role of Statistics."  Find more information at the link below. Data-Driven Research: the Role of Statistics.


STATISTICS Day commemoration

The Department of Statistics Celebrated the Statistics Day on the 19 October 2023. It is the second time the  department commemorates this day. The event was organised by the Department's Promotion Committee, chaired by Dr. Maryam Al Alawi with Dr. Moh'd Alodat and Dr. Ronald Wesonga as members of the committee. According to It's chair "It was a successful event and a pleasant gathering." The committee plans to conduct a statistics conference in the year 2025. Just watch this space for details. See some of the photos taken during the event.


Department Welcomes New STAT Major students

At the College of Science, its a requirement for students to major and minor in a programme of study by undertaking required courses. The Department of Statistics organized a special meeting, where the new STAT Major students were welcomed and inducted into the necessities for them to succeed, academically as well as professionally. Thanks to Dr. Iman Al Hasani for her tireless efforts in ensuring that this ocassion was a success. The theme of the session was "Partners in Statistics." Below is the day's presentation with all the information and pointers to other necessary information, plus a few photos.

Click for Programme and Presentation



Active Learning and Outcome-based Learning

The Department Active learning & Teaching (DAT) Committee in collaboration with the Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL)  on the 12 October 2023 organised a training workshop delivered by Dr. Amal Mohammed Salim Al Hadabi. The DAT committee members; Dr. Ronald Wesonga Dr. Maryam Al Alawi and Dr. Moh'd Alodat all agreed that it a sucessful seminar whose outcome could be implemented to enhance design  of course outline as well as assessments. The theme of the session was "Customizing Your Teaching to Outcome-based Learning, Assessmsnt, and Active Learning." Below are a few photos.







The Data Science Analytics Lab (DSAL) is an initiative whose primary objective is to develop relevant statistical theory for specific data types so as to generate required knowledge to support sustainable development.


To be a leading Centre of excellence for statistical research, innovations and applications


  1. To develop statistical theory, algorithms and systems for knowledge extraction and visualization

  2. To generate information on patterns, insights and predictions from diverse data for various applications

  3. To develop a database of relevant statistical information for timely, evidence-based decision making for sustainable development

  4. To develop collaboration across users and producers of statistical information through capacity building.


  1. Collaborative statistical and applications research at national, regional and international levels

  2. Capacity building in statistical knowledge and the use of statistical packages, such as R programming language

  3. Support industry, policy makers with workable optimal solutions to solve local problems through attachments.

Contact Us

For Appointments, click here. For details, collaboration or otherwise: 

Chair Ronald Wesonga (PhD) wesonga@squ.edu.om
Vice Chair Iman Al Hasani (PhD) alhasnie@squ.edu.om


DSAL Outreach Activities

  • High Performance Computing Seminar Series


  • DSAL Presents at the Oman Second National Big Data & Analytics Meet



  • Data Science Analytics Applications & Youth Empowerment


  • Data Science Analytics Applications & Children Empowerment


Department of Statistics Advisory Board

The Department Advisory Board plays a vital role in helping steer the department in the right direction and to ensure that it’s on track to achieve its objectives and to realize its vision. Members of the advisory board are professionals from different authorities and units at both government and private sectors with years of experience and rich knowledge of the market needs and practice in statistics, data science, and its related fields.

Key Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Provide feedback on the department’s strategic plan.
  2. Review the curricula and assess merits and weaknesses in relation to the department's goals, mission, vision and the accreditation criteria.
  3. Provide advice and recommendations to the department’s board on matters relevant to educational programs, research and community services.
  4. Evaluate students' performance in terms of the program outcomes and offer suggestions and strategies for improvement.
  5. Assist faculty in identifying opportunities for research and development projects.
  6. Assist the department to show the vital role statistics plays in the community.
  7. Assist to obtain funds for postgraduate scholarships, whenever it is possible.
  8. Help students find programs for training, internship and job experience.
  9. Engage in scientific and social activities organized by the department.
  10. Enhance the visibility of the department in the community.

Membership: The board has a three-year term that can be extended. The advisory board for the Department of Statistics was established by the Chancellor, Sultan Qaboos University on the 13th May 2024.

Meetings & Agenda: The board meets twice a year or once per semester. The agenda is set based on discussions with the department board.

By Invitation: Department Faculty, Technicians, Graduates and Students.

Members of the Advisory Board

  • Head, Department of Statistics: Dr. Moh'd Alodat, , Associate Professor, Department of Statistics
  • Member: Dr. Iman Al Hasani, Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics
  • Member: Dr. Maryam Al Alawi, Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics
  • Special Advisors:

Dr. Salah Al Muzahmi

Director, Research and Development Indicators, Department Gulf Cooperation Council Statistical Center 

Dr. Nasser Al Khayari

Director, Digital Transformation Executive Team, Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology

Mr. Yousuf Al Riyami

Director General for National Statistics, National Centre for Statistics and Information 

Mr. Hamed Al Mashrafi

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Data Mining Company

Mr. Hashim Al Hashmi

General Director, Social Protection Services Social Protection Fund

Mr. Hamed Al Shekaili

Director, National Space Program, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information


Mr. Mohammed Al Saadi

Founder and Chief Executive Officer,  Data Academy


Ms Sawsan Al Lawati

Director General of Information, National Centre for Statistics and Information

Ms. Maryam Al Amri

Chief Executive Officer, Matterz and Innovation Hub

Mr. Tariq Al Sulaimani

Lead Data Scientist, Petroleum Development Oman







Department of Statistics
College of Science, Sultan Qaboos University
PO Box 36,  Al Khod 123, Sultanate of Oman
Phone: (968) 2414 1433
Email:     Deptofstat@squ.edu.om
Website: https://www.squ.edu.om/science/Departments/Statistics