Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology 

Major Requirements 

To apply for Biotechnology Major, students need to study

  • LANC 2058
  • Two Introductory Science Courses (choose two courses only: CHEM2101, COMP2101, ERSC2101, PHYS2101, STAT2101, MATH2107)
  • C in BIOL2101
  • CGPA Minimum is 2.00

Department Representative:

Sardar Farook (Associate Professor), Email:

Degree Plan 

Program outcome

  • Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge in general biology concepts as well as knowledge in biotechnology.
  • Student will possess the technical background knowledge and skills required to conduct research in biotechnology, cell/ molecular biology.
  • Students are able to use knowledge of their subject to understand and solve problems related to their specialization.
  • Ability to think critically and independently also adopt scientific thinking (?) throughout their careers.
  • Student will demonstrate ability to communicate (verbally or in writing) their knowledge to various levels of audience with regard to the field of biotechnology and Biology in general.
  •  Students will demonstrate awareness of occupational health and safety issues as they relate to the workplace, display a high level of ethical conduct in the practice of their profession and have the ability to work well independently and in a team.