The office of the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies (ADUGS) plays a central role in facilitating student progress and enhancing the quality of their learning from the day of admission to the time of graduation. It is committed to support all undergraduate students to reach their academic and personal success. Among the roles of the office is to provide services to students and faculty members that support the academic and professional needs of SQU students. Such services are provided to College of Science students as well as to other SQU students who enroll in College of Science courses.


The major duties undertaken by this Office are wide-ranging. They include the following:

  • Overseeing admission, registration and orientation of new students
  • Handling students’ advising, choice of majors, minors, postponement, and transfers
  • Overseeing academic advising in the College
  • Overseeing the ceremony honoring the students named on the Dean’s List
  • Assisting and promoting curriculum design and development
  • Overseeing and supporting the establishment and review of degree and minor programs
  • Helping to facilitate accreditation of degree programs
  • Assisting with timetabling of College courses and mid-semester exams
  • Handling grade appeal applications, grade change requests, and misconduct cases
  • Liaising with counterparts in the other SQU colleges, and the Deanship of Admissions and Registration
  • Coordinating student exchange program matters

Many of these duties are performed with the assistance of College committees such as the College Curriculum Committee, Timetabling Officers, Academic Advising Committee, Probation Unit, and the Choice of Major Committee. Each committee consists of a representative from each department in the college. The representative serves as a link between the ADUGS office and her/his department regarding all academic matters related to the committee. In addition, Ad-Hoc committees are formed when required/necessary.


The office runs the following four main committees:

  • Curriculum Committee
  • Academic Advising Committee
  • Examination Committee
  • Choice of Major Committee