According to “Research Gate website the Department of Chemistry has highest research impact points among all the departments in SQU, representing 9.3 % of SQU total impact points. The total number of research grants the department raised since 2008 is 37 grants (about 4,750,000 $).

Main Areas of Research

The research interests of faculty members in the Chemistry Department cover a wide range of disciplines as follows:

Analytical Chemistry: Microfluidic, lab-on-chip, HPLC, mass spectrometry, flow injection analysis, chemometrics, environmental analytical chemistry, fluorescence and phosphorescence techniques, electroanalytical chemistry and applied environmental chemistry.

Inorganic Chemistry: Organometallic chemistry, materials chemistry, coordination Chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry: Organic Synthesis, bioactive natural products (from Plants, Microbes and Marine Organisms), biopesticides, bench-top bioassay techniquesreaction mechanismspharmaceutical chemistry and polymer chemistry.

Physical Chemistry: Spectroscopic investigation of the effect of surfactant structure on aqueous micellar solutions, electrochemistry, solid state sensors, kinetics and thermodynamic studies, laser Spectroscopy and dynamics, conceptual designer of deoiling processes and computational chemistry.