MS.c programs 

The Department of Mathematics offers one MSc program in Pure Mathematics and one MSc program in Applied Mathematics. All students seeking admission for MSc are required to appear for a written test and subsequently for an interview. 

Upon completion of one of the MS.c programs, graduates should :

  • Understand mathematical theories, construct mathematical proofs and learn the modern language of mathematics
  • Gain a good understanding of broad areas in Mathematics in order to be able to formulate and analyze mathematical problems, precisely indicate and define the key terms, and deduce clear and reasonable conclusions
  • Demonstrate knowledge in abstract concepts in mathematics
  • Be able to construct proofs using a correct and systematic procedure
  • Present their mathematical work, both in oral and written format to various audiences such as fellow students, mathematicians and non-mathematicians
  • Propose new mathematical problems and suggest possible ways to analyze them

More about the Learning Outcomes of both MSc programs can be found here.

Information on admission procedure for the MS.c programs offered by the Department of Mathematics can be found here. Please use the following link to apply for the MS.c program in Applied Mathematics

To apply for the MS.c program in Pure Mathematics, the following link should be used

The degree plans for 2019-2024 of both MS.c programs are provided below:

For more information about the courses listed in the Degree Plan, please check the Course Outline page.