The mission of the College of Science is to provide outstanding education in science, to conduct high quality research of national and international importance, and to support the scientific development of the Sultanate.


The College of Science aspires to maintain its standing as the premier national institute and to become a renowned regional academic institution for excellence in teaching, research and community services.


The Philosophy of the College of Science is to sustain its regular periodic reviews of the academic programs, scientific research and its community outreach taking into consideration inputs from its students, staff, the community at large, and the international accrediting bodies. The academic programs and teaching approaches are regularly updated with introduction of novel skills. The college targets maintaining innovative scientific research and devotion of its staff and students in provision of wide range of community services.

Teaching and learning

Teaching and learning is a core undertaking of the college. Realizing the college Vision and Mission on teaching and learning necessitates the following:

  • Continuous commitment to attain and maintain excellence in teaching and learning.

  • Meticulous review of the degree programs and teaching methodologies to meet national needs more effectively.

  • Develop course/teaching evaluation system aimed at strengthening the curricula and improving the quality of instruction.

  • Develop more inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary courses /applied courses so that the College becomes more visible as a National Centre of Excellence in Natural, Applied Sciences and Technologies.

  • Seek Quality Assurance/Accreditation/Bench marking for all academic (UG & PG) programs in the college.

  • Equip graduates with critical thinking and technical skills using innovative pedagogical methods.

  • Develop students’ soft-skills, communications, team work and learning skills through effective instruction approach

  • Ensure fair distribution of assessment components and grading of students’ tests.


The college of science has established a strong research base that promotes research projects of researchers, staff and students. Basic and applied research projects are of high importance and are aligned with the diverse specialization in the college. The college strives to:

  • Undertake top-quality research in the college

  • Nurture the culture of research in its students.

  • Mentoring of junior researchers through their incorporation in research projects with senior faculty.

  • Enhance research output in areas that align with national needs.

  • Retain the diversity in research areas in the college.

  • Promote collaborative research among research groups in the college and in the University at large. 

Establish and facilitate research projects that include researchers from the government and private sectors.

Community Services 

The college aim is to utilize its resources and the expertise to serve the community.

To achieve this goal, the college aims to:

  • Provide training opportunities to groups and individuals in the governmental and private sectors

  • Facilitate training opportunities to its students in the jobs at the governmental and private sectors

  • Orient its students’ group activities to serving and enlightening the community at large.

  • Engage with the alumni to assess and evaluate its degree programs.

  • Involve representatives from the governmental and private sectors in the departmental and college advisory boards.