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The geology of Oman is unique, with an unparalleled landscape that attracts geologists. From all over the world to study and explore its diversity of rocks ranging in age over Hundreds of millions of years. Oman's mountains constitute a large percentage of The environment is spectacular and bright scenery with a massive list of geological superlatives. The impressive geological and geomorphological features seldom found elsewhere in the rest of the world make Oman an ideal destination for geotourism. The Semail Ophiolite, the Jabal Al-Akhdar and the vast Sandy desert are some of nature's gifts to the Sultanate of Oman. The Semail ophiolite is the best preserved well, exposed, and primarily studied ophiolite in the world, aptly recognised as a world-class example of its type. It offers an excellent opportunity to explore the geological wonders of Oman and is considered among the best natural geological laboratory and on-site museums in the world.

The record of the Earth's history in Oman provides the best exposure in the world to study oceanic lithosphere is unique. The students are the most fortunate enough to get exposure to such a background in geology during their UG and PG programs. The Department of Earth Sciences at Sultan Qaboos University strives to be the Centre of Excellence in Earth Sciences within the Gulf States and beyond. The prime objective of the Department of Earth Sciences is to provide the Sultanate with quality Earth Science graduates, besides offering simple solutions to complex geoscientific problems that the local community and Industry need. The Department offer a BSc degree in Earth Science (Geology) and Geophysics as well as highly flexible and effective MSc programs in response to the needs of Industry and employment sectors. Also, a full-time PhD program is offered in the broad field of Earth Sciences. Currently, the number of students majoring in Earth Sciences (Geology & Geophysics) is around 60 each year. The Faculty strength at present is 14. In addition, Earth Science Research Centre, Earthquake Monitoring Center, Oil and Gas Centre, Water Research Center, Remote Sensing and GIS Center, etc., have links with the Department of Earth. Sciences on its research and other academic activities. There are good career opportunities for Earth Sciences (Geology) and Geophysics students. Several companies sometimes visit the Department and recruit bright graduates based on interviews, and other options for students are also available through the annual careers fair, summer placement etc. Thus, the Department's primary aim is to provide the market with the best BSc and MSc students.



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Contact Us

Earth Sciences Department 

College of Science

Sultan Qaboos University

Phone & Fax: (+968) 2414 6834

Email: Ersc@squ.edu.om

P.O Box: 36

Postal Code: 123

Al-Khoud, Sultanate of Oman

Degree Accreditation_pages-to-jpg-0001With the approval of the Geological Society of London (GSL), the Department of Earth Sciences has demonstrated its commitment to its mission and vision. In 2013, the Department applied for accreditation of its undergraduate Earth Science and Geophysics programs from the Geological Society of London. Accreditation helps the Department realize its strengths, challenges and opportunities to enhance the delivery of innovative and modern pedagogical methods. To assure that our programs comply with the standards established by the accrediting body, the Geological Society, London, critically assessed our two programs for over a year. With great pleasure, we announce that the Geological Society has accredited our Earth Sciences (Geology) and Geophysics programs for six years, starting in October 2014. The students who will graduate this year will be privileged to graduate with an accredited degree. Here are a few points to consider regarding accreditation in the given scenario.

Additionally, it provides insight into essential skills and knowledge in today's job market. Accrediting the Department enhances its reputation, marketing, and inter- and intra-institutional communications. To maintain an effective system of imparting knowledge, accreditation encourages academic and technical staff to continue self-evaluation and pursue excellence. It ensures that the quality of education offered at the SQU and in the Sultanate of Oman is recognized nationally and internationally. By giving graduates an internationally recognized degree, accredited programs enhance employment prospects. In addition, it can be used to recruit the best academics and researchers. In the meantime, as we progress in our academic excellence, all Department staff members are encouraged to continue working with great enthusiasm to achieve the academic and research goals outlined in the Department's mission statement

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