1. Molecular Biology

Current research area: The Department’s research focus is mainly in genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics. Researchers are applying these disciplines to a variety of projects within the area of molecular biology and to the other research areas described below.

2. Microbiology

Current research area: Microbial Physiology; Microbial Genomics & Proteomics; Microbial Toxins; Bio-control, Environmental Microbiology, Microbial Enhancement of Oil Recovery.

3. Environmental, Ecology and Conservation

Current research area: This research area embraces projects ranging from conservation genetics, biodiversity, embryology and histology environmental physiology and endocrinology, environmental pollution and toxicology, resource management and planning, medical entomology, wildlife management.

4. Physiology

Current research area: The department’s physiological projects involve intercollegiate and international scientists who are investigating several aspects of animal endocrinology, reproduction, ecological physiology, plant and microbial physiology.

5. Phyotochemistry

Current research area: Phytochemical research concentrates on native Omani plants, their natural products and potential for use in industry and medicine. 

6. Plant tissue culture and Biotechnology

Current research area: Plant tissue culture and regeneration of endangered species and medicinal plants from Oman. Salt tolerance and stress physiology of arid plants. Melissopalynology of bee foraging plants of Oman.