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The mission of the College of Science is to provide outstanding education in science, to conduct high quality research of national and international importance, and to support the scientific development of the Sultanate.

The College of Science aspires to maintain its standing as the premier national institute and to become a renowned regional academic institution for excellence in teaching, research and community services.


The BSc Chemistry program offered by the Department of Chemistry at Sultan Qaboos University received full academic accreditation from the Canadian Society for Chemistry for the period 2014-2019. This award formally recognizes the BSc Chemistry program as one matching the highest of international standards, and validates the Department's commitment to its teaching mission.  Amongst other indicators, the accreditation process involved a careful and thorough examination of curriculum; assessment methods; quality of staff and culminated in a visit to the Department lead by Professor J. Hugh Horton and Professor Russell J. Boyd to further view the quality of the program and asses the facilities at the department. Following the site visit, full academic accreditation was granted to the BSc Chemistry program. Students graduating from BSc Chemistry program will receive formal accreditation certificates from the Canadian Society for Chemistry which is expected to enhance their career opportunities both domestically and internationally, and help those interested in pursing further studies in higher education institutions across the globe.



Earth Sciences 

Successful Accreditation of the Department of Earth Sciences by the Geological Society of London (GSL) Exhibiting its commitment to the mission and vision of the Department of Earth Sciences, the Department in 2013 applied to the Geological Society of London for accreditation of its undergraduate Earth Science and Geophysics programs. In response, the Geological Society, London critically assessed our two programs for over a year in order to ensure that our courses meet the standards established by the accrediting body. Now, I am delighted to inform that our BSc Earth Sciences (Geology) and Geophysics programs have been accredited by the Geological Society for a period of 6 years starting October 2014. Students who will be graduating this year are privileged in having an accredited degree. In the given scenario, I would like to briefly outline the advantages of accreditation. The process of accreditation, as we know, helps the Department to realize its strengths, challenges and opportunities to augment the delivery of innovative and modern methods of pedagogy. Moreover, it also provides insights on essential skills and knowledge needed for today’s job market. Accreditation also enhances the Department’s inter- and intra-institutional interactions, reputation, marketing, and represents peer recognition. In addition, accreditation encourages academic and technical staff to continue self-evaluation, and pursue excellence in order to maintain an effective system of imparting knowledge. It provides national and international acceptance on the quality of education being offered at the SQU and in the Sultanate of Oman. Accredited programs enhance employment opportunities for the Department graduates by having an internationally recognized degree. It also can be used as a measure for recruiting the best academic staff and researchers. Taking this opportunity I would like to thank Department’s staff for their untiring support, in particular the Department’s Accreditation Committee Members for their hard work in preparing documents. I also would like to acknowledge the College of Science and SQU for all their support to make this process successful. I also extend my gratitude to the oil companies operating in the Sultanate of Oman and to the government sector institutions for their continuous support to academic activities in the Department. In the meantime, as we progress in our academic excellence, I encourage all the Department personnel to continue working with great enthusiasm and motivation to meet our academic and research goals as specified in the Department’s mission and vision.  I extend sincere congratulations to one and all on this successful endeavor.

Dr. Salah Al-Khirbash
Earth Science Department, Head

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