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The Central Analytical and Applied Research Unit (CAARU)

The Central Analytical and Applied Research Unit (CAARU) is an ISO 9001-2008 certified laboratory at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU). Since its inception, CAARU strived for excellence in all types of quality analytical services, research and training. The unit is well equipped with all major top-of the range instrumentation, required for different types of analyses. Services provided by the unit are categorized as Mass Spectrometry & Chromatography, Material Sciences, and Cellular & Molecular Biology. CAARU is one of the fast growing entities in Oman, reaching out to many new customers every year. CAARU also provides training to students, researchers and staff from SQU, and other institutions in Oman and abroad. The unit is located at the College of Science premises of SQU. The scope of our quality management system is “Testing of Clay, Rock, Soil and Water for Minerals and Elements. Microbial Identification, DNA & Protein Sequencing & Cell Sorting. Residue Analysis in Water & Food. Drug & Crude Oil Analysis. Training and Research Assistance”.



  • Starting from 2013, CAARU implemented quality management system. The unit was officially certified with ISO 9001 after successful completion of the external audit without any external consultation. CAARU upgrades ISO 9001:2015.
  • All the analytical procedures are strictly guided by the quality policy through regular calibration of all the instruments, duplicate analysis for samples, following standard protocols (ASTM, APHA, EPA, IS...), regular training & up-gradation for staff (internally & internationally) and periodic internal audits.
  • The services provided by the unit were very productive in terms of in-house activities, output in sample analysis, and contribution to research in SQU. Total 7302 samples were analysed in 2017compared to 632 samples in 2011.




Building a compliant and internationally accredited functional facility to serve research and consultancy at SQU and formulate business links with major Omani and overseas companies in both private and public sector.


The primary mission of CAARU is to develop into a focal point for analytical applications and applied research in the College of Science by making our services readily available and to establish a strong link between the College of Science and the corporate sectors in Oman.

Quality Objectives 

We at CENTRAL ANALYTICAL AND APPLIED RESEARCH UNIT (CAARU) committed to achieve the Quality Policy through the following SMART Objectives

  • Strive to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction. 
  • Strive to achieve 100% On Time Completion of Testing & Report Submission.        
  • Strive to achieve 100% On Time Completion of Training & Research Assistance.
  • Strive for achieving Zero Nonconformity.
  • Strive for achieving Zero Customer Complaints.             
  • Impart awareness Training on Process and Quality System a minimum of 3 Man-days Per Year. 
  • Strive to adopt and implement 100% Technological Upgrades.    

Quality Policy

We at CENTRAL ANALYTICAL AND APPLIED RESEARCH UNIT Committed to Uplift the Organizational Reputation and Attain Leadership Position in Analytical Services, Training & Research by Achieving Customer Delight and Continual Improvement in Business, Services, Processes and Quality Management System.

  • We achieve through
  • Technology Upgradation
  • Excellence in High Standard Services
  • Competent, Motivated and Committed Personnel
  • Timely Completion
  • Complying Customer and Legal requirements