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The IT Zone unit in the college of Science aspire to provide excellent quality IT support services to the college community


The IT Zone unit shall engage in 

  • Overseeing the quality and security of the college network and computer facilities
  • Providing IT essential support to the college community
  • Raising the awareness of ethics and risks in IT applications 



The IT unit aims to

  • Improve the college network infrastructure
  • Protect and sustain the college computing facilities 
  • Provide technical support to the end users
  • Train end users on better usage of IT facilities 

IT Zone unit is an operational unit where information technology services are delivered to End user in the college of Science community. These services are:

  1. New hardware/software installation
  2. PC & printer Hardware/Software Troubleshooting
  3. Network (Ethernet & Wireless) Troubleshooting
  4. Email setup & Troubleshooting
  5. New Software/Application workshops
  6. Update college Website
  7. Manage College account on Social Media
  8. Develop Application required by end user

Use Help desk system ISTM to ask for a services

Center For Educational Technology (CET) lunched the new version of Moodle (LMS e-Learning tool). E-learning Technical Support department has a team who is ready to train Faculty members on the new version of Moodle and resolve any technical issues

Please use one of the following methods to contact E-learning Technical support staff in CET:

  1. Send Email to elearn@squ.edu.om
  2. Call on Ext. # 2835 or 1549

Head of IT Zone Unit 


Ext: 1404


Abeer A. Al-Siyabi

IT Technician

Ext: 1406

Email: abeer3103@squ.edu.om