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Visit to Science Botanical Garden
Visit to Science Botanical Garden
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About LSU

The Life Science Unit (LSU) is a service and research facility under the Dean’s office. LSU plays integral role in the conservation and sustainability of Oman’s Flora and Fauna. Thereby we contribute towards environment conservation and protection of our cultural heritage. 


To be an outstanding botanical facility recognized for developing and enriching sustainable

Interactions among people, plants and the environment.


  • To develop as an ex situ conservation place by bringing important living collections of plants and animals closer to the people for the purpose of scientific research, conservation, display and education.
  • To offer a recreation facility to the general public and at the same time promote public awareness and positive action towards wildlife diversit


Through education & research we aim to create and inspire the understanding, appreciation and conservation of the nature’s wildlife. This will promote the university  mission of research, education and outreach.

1.       Education

·         To understand and appreciate the diversity of life and know how living things interact with each other and their environment.

·         To identify and classify a variety of animals and plants.

2.      Research & Conservation 

·         To collect and preserve Herbarium and Museum specimens for contribution  towards the documentation of the wild flora and fauna of Oman.

·         To determine the phylogenetic and evolutionary relationships of the Omani plants and animals.

·         To research on the economic and medicinal quality and benefits of plants.

·         To contribute towards conservation of the endemic  and  most  threatened plant species in Oman through a collection of living specimens in the Botanic Garden .

Contact Us

Life Science Unit

College of science, Sultan Qaboos University

PO Box 36, Al-Khod 123

Email: lsu@squ.edu.om

Phone: (+968) 2414 2363; Fax: (+968) 2441 3415