Graduation Day 2019 Celebration

A Graduation Day was celebrated for the outgoing chemistry graduates for the batch of 2019 on 11 Nov 2019

Chemistry Dept Graduation Day    Chemistry Dept. Graduation Day 30

Visit of students of Madinat Sultan Qaboos Private School to Department of Chemistry

Students experience about the visit:

Today’s trip was so special. The first trip that I found myself learning many essentials in life and in Science. The teachers with us were so good too. It was one of the best. Moreover, I learned about university’s environment. Thank you – Ameer Mahmood.

This world abounds with fun activities and Chemistry is above them all. The trip was splendiferous. I enjoyed myself and learned a lot from this journey – AlKhalil Said.

The trip was amazing because we had fun while learning Chemistry and that makes us understand better in the subject – Hassan Ali.

The trip offered me a glimpse into a possible future of mine. I learned a lot, in both, pure and applied Chemistry. It was a nurturing experience, which greatly enhanced my grasp of the year’s materials – Hussain Ali.

A new experience, a new place to visit, new information added to my knowledge. Blessed to visit such a place and this information will help us in our future – Redha Mustafa.

We learned too many things in the trip. The trip benefited us about the pH balance and many other experiments like the dry ice that is produced under high pressure and changes from solid to gas with no liquid statement made in between – Salim Saif.

The trip was very informative with the main portion of it focusing on pH. Many live practical were performed most of which were simple but delved deep into theoretical aspect of many Chemistry portions – Saud Bader.

I enjoyed the different experiments. The trip was very productive from both sides. We got an idea about our next lab manual experiment – Abdulaziz Hamid.

I like it thanks MsNazem – Abdullah Essam.

It was an awesome experience. We have to visit an institution that many (or some) of us wish to go to in the future. The trip itself was fruitful and fun, we learned various things related to our studies and obtained experience on experiments we may need to carry out in the near future – Alaa Kadhim.

I truly enjoyed learning new things about Chemistry – Ali Tawfiq.

It was an amazing trip to SQU we learned many new things about Chemistry and we saw new reactions and I loved it – Ali Hussain.

The trip was astounding and very useful. We learnt a lot about thee Chemistry section and SQU in general. The reactions we did were very useful to us, as we will do most of them during the semester. I thank teacher Nazim and Teacher Anaam for this amazing trip – Ammar Hassan.

The trip was extremely fun, amazing and useful. The experiments carried on were attractive. I learned many new things about Chemistry and Science. I have noticed that Chemistry is fun by learning it practically in labs. Special thanks to our teachers – Malik Sulaiman.

The trip was amazing. I learned many things in it like the nitration reaction and the pH reactions. It was fun and I really appreciate this from Miss Nazim – Musaab Mohammed.

It was a great trip. I thank the school for giving us the opportunity to go to the university. We learned many new things, which will benefit us in the future (Special thanks to Teacher Nazim and Teacher Anaam – Hadi Haider.

The trip was amazing, astonishing and incredible. I understood many new things, especially about acid, bases and other compounds. Enjoyed – Yaseen Murtadha.

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Sultan Qaboos University Day Awards, 2016

   Best Teacher Award: Abul Munam                             

   Best Researcher Award:  Younis Baqi                                                

   Best Research Paper Award:  Mohmmad Khan

   Best Technician Award: Khalid Al-Maqbali









7 November 2019 Prof. Bunsho Ohtani Hokkaido University, Japan Novel Approach of Efficient-Photocatalyst Design Based On Electron Trap-distribution Analysis
29 April, 2019 Prof. Mohammed Al-Hashmi Texas A&M University, Doha, Qatar Bio-Inspired Conjugated Materials For Plastic Organic Electronic
2 December 2018 Prof. M. Iqbal Choudhary International Center for Chemical and Biological  Science, University of Karachi, Pakistan Recent Examples of Drug Lead Discoveries
9 April, 2018

Prof. Christian Hermann

Ruhr-Universität Bochum


Surprising Biochemical and Structural Features of Human Guanylate-Binding Protein 1

 24 Jan 2018  Prof. MSAGATI TITUS ALFRED MAKUDALI  University of South Africa
South Africa
State of Knowledge of Emerging Micro-Pollutants in South Africa
24 Jan 2018  

Dr. Thabo Thokozani Nkambule 

 University of South Africa
South Africa
 Natural Organic Matter (NOM) Quantity and Quality; Innovation In Characterization, Measurement and Monitoring of NOM in South African Water Systems
 18, July 2017

Shaimaa Al Belushi

Sultan Qaboos University

 Rapid liquid chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry method for monitoring non-polar synthetic adulterants in herbal medicines
 17, July 2017

Maitha Ahmed Al Mamari

 Sultan Qaboos University  New and rapid liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry method for determination six adulterants in herbal medicines and food samples
 27 March 2017 Prof. Jean-Jacques Aaron University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée  Study and determination of pollutants at trace level in the environment using photo-induced fluorescence and related methods
 27 March 2017 Prof. Snezana Efremova Aaron  University of Skopje
Republic of Macedonia
 Bioluminescence as useful tool in analytical chemistry and biochemical investigation
14th February, 2017 Iman Al-Yahyaae  Sultan Qaboos University  Removal of Alizarin Yellow gg and Bromocresyl blue on surface functionalized activated carbons
14th February, 2017  Said Al-Mashaikhi  Sultan Qaboos University  Removal of residual organic compounds from oil produced water on hydrophobic activated carbons

8 February 2016

Abdullah Al-Ghawi

Sultan Qaboos University

Removal of NaCl on cationic and anionic exchangers on dehydrated carbons from date palm leaflets

Samia Al-Mandheri

Sultan Qaboos University

Removal of bisphenol A on hydrophobic activated carbons from date palm leaflets


23 February 2016

Azza Al-Shamli

Sultan Qaboos University

Determination of thiol compounds using a novel microfluidics-chemiluminescence detection methods

28 February 2016

Prof. Lutz Ackermann

Georg-August Universitat Goettingen, Germany

C-H Activation for Sustainable Organic Synthesis

8 March 2016

Dr. Imran Khan

Sultan Qaboos University

Ionic Liquids: Application and Challenges

22 March 2016         Fatma Rashid   Sultan Qaboos University  Activity-guided investigation of Pergularia tomentosa
11 April 2016

    Amira Mohmmed

 Sultan Qaboos University  Analysis of some phramaceuticals in hospital wastewater using LC-MS-MS                                                                   
11 April 2016     Reem Abdullah  Sultan Qaboos University  Investigating the Anti-Cancer Properties of Natural Products Isolated from Date Fruits (Phoenix Dactylifera L.) of the Omani Elite Variety “Khalas
 20 April, 2016  Butheina Abdulla Al-Haddabi

 Sultan Qaboos University 

 Novel   Microfluidics – Chemiluminescence Systems for the Determination of Total Phenolic Contents in Food Samples
24 April, 2016

  Idris Juma Al-Busaidi

  Sultan Qaboos University 

Rapid liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry methods for monitoring synthetic adulterants in herbal medicines and dietary supplements

25 April, 2016

Rayya Ahmed Ali Al Balushi

Sultan Qaboos University

 26 April, 2016

Afsal Mohammed K M

Sultan Qaboos University


Microfluidic - Nanoliter Droplet Chemiluminescence Coupled with Microscale Separation: toward highly sensitive “green” analytical technique

 17 May, 2016  Prof. João A.P. Coutinho  University of Aveiro  Aqueous solutions of ionic liquids in the separation of biocompounds
 23 May, 2016

 Khadija  Al-Ma'mari  

 Sultan Qaboos University Spectroscopic Investigation of Fluorescein in Confined Media and in Different pH Solutions: Preserving the Molecule's Fluorescence for Physiological Applications
25 September, 2016  Ms. Nadia Al-Humami  Sultan Qaboos University New flavone based fluorescent probes bearing nitroolefin moiety for selective detection of cysteine in presence of other amino acids
 6th November, 2016  Akram Aljaffan  Scientific Information Specialist   TechKnowledge A new chemical analytic  methods database for analytic and synthetic pathways
9th November, 2016  Iman Said Mohamed Al Harrasi  Sultan Qaboos University  Pillararene synthesis in supramolecular chemistry
 20th November, 2016  Dr. Ayman Nafady  King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia New Horizons in Chemistry using TCNQ, TFAB and N/P-Doped Carbon
8th December, 2016 Dr. Laith Hussein Eduard-Zintl-Institute
Technical University of Darmstadt
Towards a Fine-Tuning of Surface Chemistry and Catalytic Properties of Nanocarbon-based Hybrid Materials for Bio-fuel Cell and Sensing Applications
11th December, 2016  Sumaya Al Bahri Sultan Qaboos University  Re(І) Coordinated Pt(II) di-ynes and Poly-ynes: Synthesis, Characterization and Photophysical Properties
15th December, 2016

Ms. Nadia Al-Humami

Sultan Qaboos University   Synthesis of a New Flavone based Probe Bearing Nitroolefin Moiety for the Detection of Cysteine














Removal of Alizarin Yellow gg and Bromocresyl blue on surface functionalized activated carbons


Removal of Alizarin Yellow gg and Bromocresyl blue on surface functionalized activated carbons
Removal of Alizarin Yellow gg and Bromocresyl blue on surface functionalized activated carbons
Removal of Alizarin Yellow gg and Bromocresyl blue on surface functionalized activated carbons

SQU International Chemistry Conference 2020: Natural Product Chemistry and Herbal Medicine

10-12 November 2020

SQU International Chemistry Conference (2017) 13 to 15th, November:Green and Sustainable Chemistry

Recent Trends in Drug Development (2015) 9th to 11th, November  2015.