Throughout its history the department has maintained a strong undergraduate program.  The B.Sc. curriculum taught accounted for 162 credit hours. The undergraduate curriculum has been reformed so as to place students at the leading edge of inquiry into chemical knowledge while maintaining high standard of teaching. In order to gain research experience, the department introduced compulsory undergraduate research for all final year students for the first time in the college of science. Our faculty members also offer various elective courses in fields of their own specialties such as Forensic Chemistry, Chemical Safety, corrosion and many others. The department worked hard to introduce minor programs into its degree in order to improve job opportunities for the graduates and to cope with the market demand. Minor programs currently offered with our degree include minor in business administration, geology, computer science physics etc. The department continued to expand regularly with an increase in student’s intake by the university.

The Department of Chemistry aspires to maintain its standing as a center of excellence for training in chemistry and applied chemistry in our sub-region. Our mission is to achieve excellence in the area of chemical science, research and community service by promoting the principles of scientific analysis and creative thinking, and supporting the scientific development of Oman.

In June 2014 the undergraduate program was accredited by Canadian Society of Chemistry (CSC)


In the year 2000, the department started to offer M.Sc. program in chemistry. The initiation of the Master's program was another corner stone in the developmental strategy of the department where many new advanced courses were introduced by the faculty. In addition, this program led to the strengthening of the research output in the department. The first batch of students graduating with MSc. in chemistry (five students) from the department was in 2001. At first there were only a few candidates but the numbers have been gradually increasing. The Master of Science (M.Sc) programme in Chemistry offered by the Department of Chemistry at the College of Science, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) has has received international recognition securing academic accreditation from the United Kingdom-based Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).



The department started the establishment of the PhD. program in chemistry in 2008. The department has currently 8 doctorate students funded by faculty grants, externally funded and University Scholarship.