Advisory Board


  • Honorable Dr. Sheikh Al-Khattab Al-Hinai

    Honorable Dr. Sheikh Al-Khattab Al-Hinai


    Oman State Council

  • Dr. Hisham Al-Siyabi

    Dr. Hisham Al-Siyabi

    Exploration Director


    Petroleum Development Oman

  • Dr. Khalil Al-Riyami

    Dr. Khalil Al-Riyami

    Vice President Exploration

    Occidental Oman

  • Dr. Omar Al-Jaaidi

    Dr. Omar Al-Jaaidi

    Exploration & Development Manager


    ARA Petroleum

  • Abdullah Al-Shanfari

    Abdullah Al-Shanfari

    Deputy Managing Director

    Daleel Petroleum L.L.C

  • Dr. Muatasam Al-Raisi

    Dr. Muatasam Al-Raisi

    Upstream Oil & Gas CEO

    Target Oilfield Services LLC

  • Dr. Salim Al-Mahrouqi

    Dr. Salim Al-Mahrouqi

    Ministerial Advisor


    Ministry of Energy and Minerals

  • Dr. Saleh Al-Anboori

    Dr. Saleh Al-Anboori

    Director-General of Planning and Studies

    Ministry of Energy and Minerals

  • Eng. Nasser Al-Battashi

    Eng. Nasser Al-Battashi

    Director-General of Water Resources Assessment

    Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources

  • Said Al-Rawas

    Said Al-Rawas

    Deputy Centre Manager & QHSE Advisor


  • Hamed Al Shuaili

    Hamed Al Shuaili

    New opportunities team Lead

    Petroleum Development Oman

  • Rashid Al-Touqi

    Rashid Al-Touqi

    Head of Audit, Risk, and Compliance

    Mineral Development Oman

  • Dr. Talal Al-Hosni

    Dr. Talal Al-Hosni

    Head of Department

    Earth Sciences, SQU

  • Prof. Osman Abdalla

    Prof. Osman Abdalla


    Earth Sciences, SQU

  • Dr. Mohammed Farfour

    Dr. Mohammed Farfour


    Earth Sciences, SQU