College Board

College Board shall undertake the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Implement the teaching plan and approve the curricula in the College in accordance with the specific requirements of awarding academic degrees
  • Make recommendations to the University Administration regarding:
    • the proposed number of the students to be admitted to the College
    • the staffing needs of the College
    • the performance of the academic staff, researchers, technicians, administrators as well as any additional installations, equipment, materials, books and other requirements
    • renewals and terminations of contracts
    • progress of teaching and performance in each semester
  • Propose the annual budget for the College
  • Organize and promote scientific research in the College and form committees and working groups for implementing the approved research policy
  • Assure the quality of teaching and research
  • Review the annual report of the College submitted by the Dean and approve the final version to be submitted to the President
  • Discuss any matter referred to it by the President