Students Exchange Program

Handling requests of student exchange program

  1. For incoming international students, the procedures, application, and processing are handled by the International Cooperation Office (ICO), SQU administration. Please check:
  2. After acceptance, the ICO informs the Dean’s office, which forwards the information to the ADUGS office.
  3. The ADUGS office communicates and coordinates with the concerned departments for the courses to be registered.
  4. ADUGS office forwards the approved courses for registration to the A & R (
  5. SQU students interested in student exchange program and satisfying the minimum criteria and requirements approach the HoD of their major departments. Note: students need to check the Undergraduate Academic Regulations (A-2-2. Outgoing Students, Pages 6-7) for more details.
  6. The Head of Department (HoD) forwards the request to the ADUGS office.
  7. After checking fulfillment of criteria, the ADUGS office forwards the request to the A & R and ICO via the Dean’s office.
  8. After acceptance, the A & R notifies the college and the ICO.