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College of Science provide several facilities for staff, Students and Researchers. These are

Central Analytical and Applied Research Unit (CAARU): is a college of science facility under the dean's office. the idea of the unit was first proposed in 2004, under the name of central analytical and applied research facility.

Life Science Unit (LSU): is a service and research facility under Dean’s office. LSU plays integral role in the conservation and sustainability of Oman’s Flora and Fauna. Thereby we contribute towards environment conservation and protection of our cultural heritage.

IT Zone Unit: is a college facility that provide IT support to end users. 

College Photocopy: Academic staff can photocopy exams, assignment, quizzes and handout for their students

Book Store: students collect the textbooks for their courses at the beginning of the semester and return them back at the end of semester

Glass blowing workshop: provide required glass laboratory tools for researchers, Academics and technical staff 

Computational Research Lab: Location S-W 1st Floor Building Room No. 1084, Hardware: about 12 PCs with dedicated graphics cards and wide screens, network printers, Software: COMSOL Multiphysics, MatlabOriginStellarium, MS Office, several research specific tools, Operating Systems: Windows, Scientific Linux

Zero-Client  Lab: Location S-E 1st Floor Building Room No. 1019, Hardware: about 82 terminals, Software:  MatlabStellarium, MS Office, Operating Systems: Windows

Computational Grid Cluster: Linux based 64 nodes computational cluster for intensive computational research. 

Physics Computer Lab: Location N-E 1st Floor Building Room No. 1028, Hardware: about 33 PCs with dedicated graphics cards and wide screens, network printer, Software: MatlabOriginStellarium, MS Office, Operating Systems: Windows

Central Analytical and Applied Research Unit
Life Science Unit