Community Service

The office of Assistant Dean for Industrial Training and Community Services (ADTCS) fosters community building within the College and with the communities of Oman. ADTCS maintains the spirit of public service at Sultan Qaboos University by offering opportunities to participate in community services work, providing work-study placements in the community, and supporting student-sponsored social action initiatives.


The main goals of Community Services can be summarized as:

  1. To strengthen the College’s relation with the community through organizing activities and events, which support the college in performing its educational and research goals, and in order to serve and develop our community.

  2. To extend all forms of knowledge and scientific awareness to different community sectors and classes, through holding training courses and programs.

  3. Prepare and follow up on the progress of research studies in different areas of knowledge, relevant to the Omani society in particular and global community, in general.