The Engineering Society


Engineering Society is a student-run organization that aims, with the support and supervision of the College of Engineering, to provide students with opportunities to learn, promote 21st century skills, and share their experiences and knowledge to develop academically, socially, and professionally. The society organizes and hosts events such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and workshops. It is the ultimate goal of the Society and University to promote research, industrial collaboration, and innovation in Oman and prepare individuals to become contributing members of the community and the world.

The Engineering Society is an umbrella body in the college-level that works closely with the seven engineering societies (listed below), within the college of engineering at Sultan Qaboos University. Since its establishment in the academic year 2000-2001, the Engineering Society has successfully organized six Engineering Exhibitions and six Engineering Gatherings.

  1. Society of Mechanical Engineers (SME).
  2. Industrial Engineering Society (IES).
  3. Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).
  4. Society of Chemical Engineers (SCHEME).
  5. Society of Mechatronics Engineers (MCTE).
  6. Society of Electrical and Computer Engineers (IEEE Student Branch at SQU).
  7. Civil & Architectural Engineering Society (CAES).




Engineering Society Activities


The Students Engineering Gathering

The purpose of this gathering is to stimulate students to be innovate and think outside the box by creating solutions to current pressing problems facing the engineering industry, invent and build an entire new concept or even enhance, improve and develop an existing idea. This gathering invites engineering students from the Sultanate of Oman and different regions from all over the world, and offers a platform to meet, discuss, and share their ideas and inventions at Sultan Qaboos University


The Engineering FM

ENG FM is a annual radio station section which is the Engineering Gathering. It includes programs related to the event and the College of Engineering, as well as fun competitions. In Addition, it organizes debates related to some serious issues that attract the youth segment in the community.



Competitions are a major factor in education. The Engineering Society engages students to solve problems, and think outside the box by overseeing or organizing various competitions. These competitions motivate and encourage students to solve a problem, create and innovate products and designs that the industry and community can benefit from. Competitions improve the students’ critical thinking skills, communication skills, and give them the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge, using technology.



The Engineering Society organizes many workshops during the academic year in order to provide students with knowledge and improves their skills academically, socially and professionally.