Research Interests
  • Civil and Architectural Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • Petroleum and Chemical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Program


Research Interest

Prof. Khalifa Al-Jabri

Structures, Structural dynamics, Fire engineering, Construction materials

Prof. Ali Al-Harthy

Structural Mechanics, Reliability and Optimization, Concrete

Prof. Ali Al-Nuaimi

Structural design and analysis

Dr. Abdul Wahid Hago

Pozzolanic materials, Concrete properties, Shear walls, Computer Aided Design, Concrete & Soil Blocks

Dr. Yahya Zain

Soil-Structure interaction, Expansive soils, Earthquake engineering & soil dynamics, Finite element analysis

Dr. Hossam Hassan

Pavement and roadway soil material testing and evaluation; Performance-related testing and evaluation of asphalt concrete mixtures; Mechanistic analysis and modeling of flexible pavement; Recycling of waste and by-product materials in pavement material; Environmental effect on pavement performance; Maintenance and rehabilitation of pavements

Dr. Mohammed Al-Aghbari

Seepage problems in soil and under dams, Bearing capacity of foundations with structural skirts

Dr. Ahmed Sana

Coastal hydrodynamics, Turbulence modeling, Sediment transport, Groundwater modeling, Field measurements of seawater quality

Dr. Abdullah Al-Saidy

Rehabilitation of Structures, Behaviour of RC, PC & Composite Structures, Application of Advanced Fibre Composites in Civil Engineering structures

Dr. Khalid Al-Shamsi

Asphalt mixture design and evaluation. Characterization of bituminous materials. Use of waste materials in road pavements. Pavement design and maintenance

Dr. Ghazi Al-Rawas

Remote sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS), Hydrology

Dr. Sherif El-Gamal

Structural Engineering, Reinforced Concrete Structures, FRP Composite Materials, Structural Health Monitoring

Dr. Saleh Al-Saadi

Energy Audits in buildings and Energy-efficient retrofitting opportunities in Buildings, Design and analysis of Building Energy Systems, Buildings Simulation and Thermal Analysis, Renewable and Sustainable Energy for Building Applications

Dr. Ashraf Elazouni

Construction cash-flow management, Finance-based scheduling, Evolutionary algorithms, Optimization, Contractor-subcontractor payment provisions

Dr. Mohamed Abdullah Al-Mamun

Renewable Energy, Wastewater treatment, Water quality control and reuse, Environmental Microbiology

Dr. Mohammed Seddik Meddah

Materials & Structure, Sustainable and durable Concrete Material, Cement and concrete Technology, Construction Materials, Use of waste/recycled and by-products in concrete and fiber-reinforced concrete

Dr. Chaham Alalouch

Smart City Design and Planning, Space Syntax, Sustainable Building Design, Sustainability Assessment Tools and Rating Systems, Digital Participatory Planning, Co-design and Stakeholder Engagement, Architectural Pedagogy

Dr. Mohammed Kandil El-Diasty

Geomatics Engineering, Geodesy, Hydrography, Navigation and Mobile Mapping Systems

Dr. Mohammad Reza Mahmoud Nikoo

Water Resources and Environmental Systems Analysis and Planning:

Reservoir Water Quality Modeling, Environmental and Water Quality Monitoring, Modern Optimization and Simulation Techniques, Machine learning and Data science, Water Quality Assessment, Application of Remote Sensing (RS) in Water Resources Management

Dr. Kazi M. Abu Sohel

Steel-Concrete Composite Structures, Use of industrial solid waste in Structural concrete, Structural behavior under impact and blast load

Dr. Issa Al-Harthy

Sound characterization of urban environment, Survey on community noise, Human behaviour in architectural facilities

Dr. Syed Muhammad Bilal Waris Ali

Structural Dynamics, Vibration Analysis, Earthquake Engineering, Green Engineering, 3D Printing

Dr. Mohammed Al-Shahri

Engineering surveying, Photogrammetry, Multi-sensor integration and mapping

Dr. Naima Benkari

Contemporary architecture and Urban Design in Arab and Islamic countries, Built heritage, Architectural education systems

Dr. Mohamed Salah-Eldin Saleh

Building Construction Technology, Architectural Design, Architecture and Culture

Dr. Mubarak Al-Alawi

Construction Management

Dr. Hayder Khan

Building Physics, CFD, HVAC

Dr. Islam Sallam

Architecture, Urban planning and Urban Design

Dr. Hanan Al Khatri

Thermal comfort, thermal scales, and indoor environmental quality

Dr. Aliya Abdul Sattar Al-Hashim

Urban Building Energy Modeling, Vernacular Architecture & Built Heritage, Urban and Housing Policy, Architectural Design

Dr. Talal Etri

Numerical models for simulating hydrodynamics, sediment dynamics, and morphodynamics in the coastal areas, Water resources management

Dr. Zeinab Yavari

Treatment of Emerging pollutant in Water and wastewater, Advanced Oxidation Process,  Renewable Energy, Microbial Fuel Cell

Dr. Ronald Ekyalimpa

Computer Simulation for construction operations analysis, planning and modeling; Artificial Intelligence for construction operation modeling


Research Interests

Prof. Hadj Bourdoucen

Communication & Networking, Instrumentation and Measurement, Integrated Electronic Systems, RE systems, Electronic Hardware Design, ICT, FOSS deployment

Prof. Abdullah Al Badi

Distributed generation, Power quality, Power system analysis, Power electronics and drives, and Renewable Energy.  

Prof. Afaq Ahmad

Computer Engineering, FPGA, VLSI Testing, Mathematical Morphology, Information Theory: Security, Coding, Reliability and Fault Tolerant Computing Systems’ Design

Prof. Abdulnasir Y. Hossen

Digital Signal Processing         

Dr. Joseph Jervase

Microwave Antennas and Propagation

Dr. Arif Saeed Malik

Power System Economics, Reliability and Planning

Dr. Tariq Jamil

Computer Architecture, Parallel Processing, Computer Arithmetic, Data Encryption, Digital Systems

Dr. Zia Nadir

RF-Electronics, Electromagnetics, Electromagnetic Compatibility, RF communications, Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Lazhar Khriji

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine learning, and Healthcare monitoring

Dr. Faical Mnif

Control Theory and Applications, Autonomous Systems and Robotics, Mechatronics

Dr. Hasan Yousef

Control Systems applications

Dr. Muhammad Shafiq

Control Systems Engineering

Dr. Mostefa Mesbah

Intelligent control systems, biomedical signal and image processing, machine learning applications, pattern recognition, non-stationary signal processing

Dr. Ahmed Chiheb Ammari           

Embedded Real Time Systems, Inductive wireless Data and Power Transfer, Hybrid Electric Energy Storage Systems,  System Level Modeling and Optimizations

Dr. Khaled Alawasa

Power quality and harmonics investigation, power system stability and control, smart grids applications, wide area monitoring system (WAMs-PMUs), power electronics, renewable energy integration,automatic control and dynamics, Energy management and Energy Efficiency. 

Dr. Mohammed BeitSuweilem

Antennas and Applied Electromagnetics, Metamaterials and Wearable Sensors

Dr. Rami Al-Hmouz

Computational Intelligence, Fuzzy Modeling, Granular Computing

Dr. Amer Al Hinai

Power System Operation & Control, Renewable Energy Integration, Distributed Generation & Microgrid

Dr. Dawood Al-Abri

Computer Networking, Social Networks, Network Security

Dr. Ahmed Al-Maashari

Embedded Vision Systems, Unmanned Vehicle Systems, Reconfigurable Hardware & FPGAs, Computer Architecture

Dr. Rashid Al-Abri

Power Electronics, Power System Quality

Dr. Hassan Al Lawati

CP Antennas, Applied Electromagnetism and AMC surfaces

Dr. Nasser Tarhuni

Wireless Radio Resource Management, Optical CDMA, DSP Applications to Power Systems

Dr. Abdelsalam Elhaffar

Power system protection, Distributed generation, smart grids, and fault location in power systems

Dr. Razzaqul Ahshan

Renewable Energy Systems and their Integration, Microgrids, Modelling and Control of Renewable Energy Systems, Wind Energy, Bio-energy, Electrical Drives, Application of Signal Processing Techniques to Power Systems.

Dr. Firdous Kausar           

Blockchain, Digital Forensics, Biometric Cryptosystem, Machine Learning, IoT Security, Network Security, Security Architecture and Design, Access Control, Authentication and Key Management, Cybersecurity Data Science

Dr. Jawher Ghommam

Guidance, Navigation and Cooperative Control of Multi-Autonomous Vehicles 

Sayyid Dr. Samir Al Busaidi

Communications and Signal Processing

Engr. Salem Al-Hinai

Power Systems

Dr. Said Al-Abri

Bio-inspired distributed autonomy, multi-agent data-driven planning and control, derivative-free optimization algorithms, control, and robotic systems

Dr. Ahmet Onen

Smart grid, microgrid, power system optimization, renewable/storage/EV integration, artificial intelligence/big data on power systems.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Naimi

Smart homes and intelligent control systems

Dr. Hafiz M. Asif

Wireless communication, Visible Light Communication, Computer Networks, Next generation communication systems

Dr. Gulam Khan

Multi-agent control, Event-triggered Systems, Industrial robotics, Prescribed Control strategies, optical Micromanipulation, Nonlinear control  

Dr. Mohammed Rizwan Mughal

Embedded and IoT systems, Hardware software co-design, Spacecraft Engineering

Taha Mubarak Al-Saadi

Control Engineering



Research Interests

Dr. Mahmoud Al Kindi

Risk Analysis, Six Sigma, Decision Making under Uncertainties, and Production Planning 

Dr. Majid Al Maharbi

Materials Science and Engineering, Corrosion, Severe Plastic Deformation of Metallic Materials, Crystallographic Texture and Microstructure Engineering

Prof. Tasneem Pervez

Computational Modeling, Multiscale Modeling, Composite Materials, Applied Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis, Expandable Tubular and Swelling Elastomers in Oil Well Drilling and Delivery, Engineering Education

Dr. Nabeel Z. Al-Rawahi

Fluid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Flow, Water Desalination, Renewable Energy

Dr. Amur S. Al Yahmedi

Modeling and Simulation, Multibody Dynamics, and Robotics & Control

Dr. Khalid Alzebdeh

Micromechanics of Composites, Stochastic Modelling, Advanced Materials, Bio-composites, Manufacturing, Project Management & Economics

Dr. Sayyad Zahid Qamar

Applied Materials and Manufacturing, Engineering Design, Failure Analysis and Reliability

Dr. Abdullah Al Shabibi

Applied Mechanics, Finite Element Modeling of Engineering Problems, Modeling of Contact Problems, Thermoelastic Instability

Dr. Hassen M. Ouakad

Computational Mechanics, Linear/Nonlinear Dynamics, Vibrations and System Control, Micro and Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems Modeling and Characterization (MEMS and NEMS), Smart Devices for Clean Energy Harvesting.

Dr. Nasser Al Azri

Weather Data for Energy Analysis, Solar Thermal Analysis, Process Integration and Optimization 

Dr. Riadh Zaier

Mechatronics Systems, Automation, Robotics and Nonlinear Control

Dr. Hakan Gultekin

Applied Operations Research, Decision Support Systems, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Energy Systems Optimization, Production Scheduling, Discrete Optimization, Multi-Criteria Optimization, Heuristics.

Dr. Mohammed Othman

Workforce Planning, Human Factors, Product Design

Dr. Nasr Al-Hinai

Operations Research, Production Scheduling, Operations Management, Product Design and Project Management 

Dr. Afzal Husain

Computational Fluid Engineering, Microfluidics, Micromixing, Artery Blood Flow, Micro-Scale Heat Transport, Electronics Cooling, Enhanced Heat Transfer, Jet Impingements, Renewable Energy, and Design Optimization

Dr. Issam Bahadur

Micro/Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems, Biomedical Instrumentation, Industrial Automation, Smart Materials and Vibration

Dr. Khurshid Alam

Orthopaedics, Bone Mechanics, FE modeling, Material Characterization, Material Modeling, Fracture Mechanics  

Dr. Emad Summad

Agent-Based Modelling for Orchestrating Innovation Ecosystems, New Perspectives on Adoption and Diffusion of Innovations, Policy Issues for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Knowledge-Based Economy.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Janabi

Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy & Environment, Electrical Vehicles, Fouling Mitigation Techniques. 

Dr. Musaab Zarog

MEMS, Mechatronics, and Finite Element Modeling

Dr. Farooq Al-Jahwari

Finite Element Analysis and Design; Processing, Analysis and Characterization of Polymers and Composites; Molecular Dynamics; Impact Mechanics; Smart Materials; Cellular Structures; Design and Fabrication of High Damping Materials for Impact Attenuation. 

Dr. Nasra Al-Maskari

Mechanical Engineering Design, Product Design, Bioinspired Design, Biomemetic, Bionispired Material Design, Design of Turbodrill for Oil and Gas Industry

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Obaidani

Membrane Technology, Desalination, Membrane Distillation, Water treatment, Heat Transfer.

Mohamed Al-Lawati

Mechatronics Engineering

Dr. Niyazi O Bakir

Decision and Risk Analysis, Reliability Engineering, Homeland Security, Value of Information, OR in Sports

Dr. Ftwi Hagos

Flare to useful energy, energy recovery, renewable energy, energy storage, biofuels, heat transfer fluids for solar thermal application, phase change material for energy storage, Solar thermal for waste to energy conversion

Dr. Omar Al-Abri

Applied Mechanics; Processing, Analysis and Characterization of Steel; Finite Element Analysis; CPFEM; Materials Characterization (SEM, EDS, EBSD, In-Situ SEM Material Testing); Multi-phase Steel; Multi-scale Materials Modeling

Dr. Moosa Al-Kharusi

Finite element analysis, Mechanics of nano-composites, Mutli-scale Modeling using computational mechanics, Design and modeling of rubber seals used for oil well application, Nano and micro mechanics of Carbon nanotube based nan-composite materials, Energy methods, Continuum mechanics, Mechanical characterization of graphene materials.




Name Research Interests
Prof. Rashid Al-Maamari Enhanced oil recovery, Treatment and utilization of oilfield produced Water
Prof. Farouk S. Mjalli Desulfurization of fuels, Green engineering
Prof. Gholamreza Vakili-Nejad Nanothermodynamics, Nanofluids
Dr. Ala’a Al-Muhtaseb Wastewater treatment, Biofuel and Biomass
Dr. Khashayar Nasrifar Multiphase Flow, Hydrates, Thermodynamic and Phase Equilibria
Dr. Ashish M Gujarathi Process optimization, Process Design and Simulation, Evolutionary Computation
Dr. Ghulam Murshid CO2 capture, Reactive absorption and adsorption
Dr. Hamoud Al-Hadrami Formation damage, Geological modeling
Dr. Jamil Naser Environmentally friendly solvents, Phase Change Materials
Dr. Mohammed Al-Abri Desalination, Nanotechnology
Dr. Rashid Al-Hajri Catalytic reaction engineering, Chemical/Thermal enhanced oil Recovery
Dr. Belal Abu Tarboush Energy, Membranes and Adsorbents
Dr. Tarek Ghanat  Reservoir characterization, Production development and optimization, Formation damage, Sand production control, Enhanced oil recovery
Dr. A.R. Kazemi  Reservoir Simulation, CO2 Storage, Hydrogen Storage
Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qyyum Natural Gas Liquefaction (LNG) Processes, Development and Enhancement, Green Hydrogen Economy, Techno-economic analysis and Simulation,Carbon Capture, Usage, and Storage Integrated and Intelligent Energy Systems, Flare Gas Monetization, Energy efficiency enhancement and management 
Dr. Emre Artun ata analytics, machine learning, reservoir engineering, reservoir management, geothermal energy.
Ms. Suaad Al-Zakwani Chemical and Process Engineering



Research interest

Dr. Mahmood Al-Kindi

Risk Analysis, Six Sigma , Decision making under uncertainties, and Production Planning

Dr. Zaier Riadh

Mechatronics Systems, Automation, Robotics and Nonlinear Control

Dr. Issam Bahadur

Micro/Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems, Biomedical Instrumentation, Industrial Automation, Smart Materials and Vibration

Dr. Faïçal Mnif

Control Systems and Robotics, and Industrial Electronics

Dr. Amur Al Yahmedi

Modeling and Simulation, Multibody Dynamics, and Robotics & Control

Dr. Lazhar Khriji

Digital Signal and Image Processing, Machine Learning

Dr. Mohammed Shafiq

Control Systems Engineering

Dr. Ahmed Al Maashri

Embedded Vision Systems, Unmanned Vehicle Systems, Reconfigurable Hardware & FPGAs, Computer Architecture

Dr. Nasra Al-Maskari

Mechanical Engineering Design, Product Design, Bioinspired Design, Biomemetic, Bionispired Material Design, Design of Turbodrill for Oil and Gas Industry 

Mohammed Al-Lawati

Mechatronics Engineering