Water Resources



Master of science program in water resources engineering is a traditional thesis-based program that is designed to provide the student with knowledge of advanced methods for analysis and design for research and development in water resources engineering related topics. The MSc program emphasizes multidisciplinary research and education on emerging themes that are related to water resource systems. The access to clean water is a basis for enhancing people’s healthcare and quality of life. The MSc program covers a wide range of themes that will allow the students to develop their understanding of those challenges and develop sustainable solutions. Examples of the themes within this program might include wastewater treatment, coastal engineering, modelling, watershed hydrology, flood management, water infrastructure, and water sustainability.


Degree Plan


MSc. in Civil Engineering (Water Resources) 2018-2021

MSc. in Civil Engineering (Water Resources) 2017-2020

MSc. in Civil Engineering (Water Resources) 2022 - Onward