Society of Electrical and Computer Engineering - IEEE Student Branch at SQU

The IEEE student branch at Sultan Qaboos University is a non-profit student led society established and authorized by the College of Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) in 2001. The aim of the society is to strengthen students' skills and expand their perceptions about power, control, communication, and computer engineering by applying the theoretical part of their learning on practical projects and conducting various events throughout the academic year.


Recent Activities for IEEE Student Branch at SQU




Classic and smart controllers workshop 28/09/2021
Sada electricity I : Dialogue with honor list students 29/09/2021
Sada electricity II: The path for students in academic observation 11/10/2021
NodeMCU Workshop 10/11/2021
Cyber security Workshop 15/11/2021
Project Competition 17/11/2021
Rasbery Pi Workshop 10/11/2021
Sada electricity III: ُ Explanation of the Study Plan 01/12/2021

Cyber security workshop conducted by Eng. Al Mohaned Al Shekili

December 2020

Sada electricity I, II and III workshops

November 2020

Standard specification for Electricity in Oman Workshop

October 2020

Web Design Workshop conducted by Eng. Yousif Al-Maouli

September 2020

Ohm Exhibition Muscat Grand Mall

February 2020

The Engineer Junior day

August 2019

The Electro Village Event

April 2019

The Chain Event

March 2019

IEEE OMAN Congress

March 2019

Technical Workshops for ECE Students (Arduino, Raspberry PI, Matlab, Java Programming, Proteus, Pspice, Illustrator and Computer Workshops)


Glance Think Competition Event

April 2018

Little Engineer Event for 8 to 13 years children

May 2018

7th Engineering Students Exhibition

April 2017

Workshop on Design and Programming of VEX Robotics

October 2016

PSPICE Essentials for ECE students

September 2016







 The IEEE Society Get First Place in GCC Robotics Competition in Oman and Second Place in Local Competition in Kuwait



 PSpice Workshop on Monday 21st of September Presented by Manea Al Shukeili with Participant of 45 students.



 An Arduino Workshop for Project Committee of the Society on 6-7 /10/2015 Presented by  Asaad Al-Qasmi with Participant of 25 Students.



 Invitation of Al Amal School on Thursday 5/11/2015 with Participant of 25 students.



 The Major Event Out of the Circuit (Student and Staff) Event was Organized on 8/12/2015 and 120 Students were Attending.