Civil and Architectural Engineering Society

Civil and Architectural Engineering Society, CAES

Civil and architectural Engineering Society (CAES) was established in 2005 with aim of activating the role of Civil and Architectural Engineering Department in the society and help in developing and refining self-development skills of its members. The society acts as a platform to exhibit student capabilities to the society through exhibitions, workshops, and forums. It also extends a bridge of cooperation between members of the society and the external community. In the year 2022, the CAES has conducted the following events:

  • Organize event titled ‘Maad (19th Sep 2022): The event introduced new students to the society members and its activities. 
  • Guest lecture entitled ‘Journey of an Architect’ (17th Oct 2022): interactive session, one of Civil & Architectural Engineering program alumni talked about his journey after graduation.

The society also conducted multiple hands-on training workshops:

  •  ‘Amad’ Camp (20th Aug 2022): Workshop sessions to improve student skills 
  • Workshop entitled ‘how to convert your idea to creative model? (10th Oct 2022): The workshop aimed to enhance students’ model making and creative skills.
  • Revit Workshop (19th Oct 2022): The workshop introduced students to Revit software and its application.
  • Quantity estimation and Cost Estimation Workshop (24th Oct 2022): The workshop introduced students to QS and Cost Estimation techniques used in the industry.


One of the main events organized by Civil & Architectural Engineering Society in 2022 was ‘Under Construction Chapter’, a public carnival designed as a small city with different stations to introduce students to the program and its different applications.  

The society website consists of news and updates, along with a digital version of the society magazine. Along with the wesite (, the society also has social media acounts (@squ_caes) for regular announcement of events, workshops and activities.



Activities by CAES




Participation in Geotechnical Volcanic Activity in Cooperation with the Soil, Water and Agricultural Engineering Society on the Occasion of the World Soil Day

November 2018

The Activity of “Lekfofak Salam” in Celebration of the National Day

October 2018

Course in the Basics of the Revit Architectural Program

September 2018

Course in Adobe Photoshop

September 2018

Receiving of Students from Zainab Bent Al-Rasoul School and Showing Them the Labs of the Department in Cooperation with Municipality of Samail within the Activities of the Awareness Campaign (Building and Commitment)

September 2018

Opening Ceremony of the Society

September 2018

The Induction Meeting for the New Engineering Students (Cohort 33)

August 2018

Graduates' Evening

May 2018

C-Cube's Annual Exhibition

March 2018

The Future Engineer Event

February 2018

Introduction Meeting to Present the Society Plan for the Second Semester

February 2018

CAES closing ceremony

May 2017

The Civil & Architectural Engineering Graduates celebration

May 2017

The National Wooden Bridge Competition

April 2017

Beyond Exhibition

April 2017

Social visit to the Royal Hospital

March 2017

Civil & Architectural Engineering Carnival

February 2017

National Day Celebration

20 November 2016

Workshop on Architecture Photography

17 November 2016

Civil Engineering and Architecture Gathering

07 November 2016

AutoCAD Workshop

02 November 2016

ICE Lecture

27 September 2016

Opening Ceremony

20 September 2016

The Welcoming Ceremony

15 September 2016

Farewell Ceremony

12 May 2016

Civil Engineering and Architecture Exhibition

14 March 2016 - 16 March 2016

How To Build Workshop

10 March 2016

Adobe Photoshop Workshop

15 February 2016

3D MAX Workshop

08 February 2016

1st Civil and Architectural Engineering Gathering

February 2016 (Planned)

Workshop on Abstract Photography

30 November 2015

Workshop on Architectural Photography

17 November 2015

AutoCAD Workshop

2 November 2015

White City Exhibition

March, 2015

AutoCAD Workshop

15,17 and 22 December 2014

“Find a Solution” Competition

9 December 2014

Workshop on “Society Designer”

9 December 2014

Visit to Al-Ibdaa International School

4 December 2014

9th Chess Competition

30 November 2014

Discussion on “Archi-culture”

19 November 2014

MATLAB Workshop

12 November 2014

Workshop on “Seraj” website

28 October 2014






 Chess Competition, 2013.




 Lecture - High motivation is your way to success, 2013.


 Bridge Competition, 2013.


 Student Award, 2014.


 Student Exhibition, 2014.


 Graduation Day, 2014.