Mechatronics Engineering Society

Student-based societies provide students with opportunities to learn, promote 21st century skills, and offer a platform sharing of experiences and knowledge to develop academically, socially, and professionally. Ultimate goal of the societies are to promote research.

h, industrial collaboration, and innovation in Oman, and assist in preparing individuals to become contributing members of the community and the world. The societies organize and host events such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and workshops. The program encourages the students to join such organizations and to participate in related events.


Mechatronics Engineering Society, MTES

The Mechatronics Engineering Society (MTES) was first established in summer 2005 by the first cohort of Mechatronics students, with the help of the academic staff. Nowadays, the society focuses on how to improve the skills of the students in the fields of robotics and automation. Moreover, the society gives the opportunity for creative students to introduce their ideas which include organizing new workshop, projects implementation, and organizing scientific competitions. Another goal of the society is to engage motivated Mechatronics students in different projects. This type of activity-based learning is considered to be the most crucial part of engineer education. Finally, the society organizes many events every year in order to nurture self-improvement for all society member sand Mechatronics students.


Recent activities of MTES (2022-2023)

Activities at SQU:

  • Welcoming/Recruiting week
  • Specialization Exhibition
  • Opening ceremony
  • Training workshop (Unimate)
  • Mechatronics exhibition






Recent activities of MTES (2021-2022)

Activities at SQU:

  • A visit to the innotech 3D printer company
  • Welcoming/Recruiting exhibition
  • Opening ceremony
  • Training workshop (Robotronics)
  • A visit to the Mental health in SQU Hospital
  • Mechatronics exhibition




Recent Activities of MTES (2018-2019)


Activities at SQU

  1. Opening Ceremony- Lamha3D Printing Workshop

  2. Image Processing Workshop

  3. Raspberry Pi Workshop

  4. Arduino For Beginners Workshop

  5. Python Workshop
  6. Talk to Anyone Workshop

  7. Specializations Exhibition

  8. 9th ‘Technical Gathering'







A first of its kind, the society opened the first blog dedicated for the latest mechatronics news, 2015.




Activities of MTES (2017-2018)

Activities at SQU

  1. Android Workshop
  2. MATLAB Workshop
  3. Image Processing Workshop
  4. Photoshop Workshop
  5. Arduino Workshop
  6. VEX Robotics Workshop
  7. SolidWorks Workshop
  8. Specializations Exhibition
  9. Eight Engineering Gathering -First Place Winner


Activities outside SQU

  1. Mohammed Al-Mandhari School
  2. VEX Robotics Competition 
  3. Oman Science Festival