Industrial Training

All engineering students are required to take Industrial Training Programs to complete the degree requirement. The training is offered during summer after the students complete their fourth year of study. The training looks for a period of 8 weeks in either private companies or government ministries related to their specialization. The students are supervised by the training organization and have to submit a report at the end of the training period to his/her department. At present, it is a non-credit course and is graded as “PASS” or “NOT PASS.” The Industrial Training Program is coordinated by the Industrial Liaison Office under the supervision of Assistant Dean for Industrial Training and Community Services.

In addition, students have to complete a 3-week in-house training during their third year of study between the Fall and Spring Semesters. Depending on the department’s requirement, this training varies from Field Surveying to Electrical Workshop to Mechanical Workshop, etc.

Some useful forms related to Industrial Training can be downloaded (PDF only):

For Supervisors:

For Students: