Society of Petroleum Engineers, SPE Students Chapter

The Society of Petroleum Engineers SQU-SPE Student Chapter (SPE-SQU) is part of the international Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. Student members elect officers annually. The chapter is sponsored by SPE- Oman section.


Established in 1998, the SQU-SPE student chapter aims at participating in oil and gas related national and international conferences and symposia, assistance with fund-raising and organization of social and educational trips. Members and non-members of the society are targeted with various educational activities in the field of oil and gas.



Activities for SPE



Petro-field Competition for Petroleum Engineering Students December 2018
National Day Celebrations November 2018
Activities and Recreational Events with Chemical Engineering Students (SchemE) November 2018
Workshop on Entrepreneurship for Petroleum Engineers October 2018
Petro-field Competition 02/12/2017
Art of Presentation 27/11/2017
National Day Celebration 20/11/2017
Excel/Matlab Workshop 16/11/2017

Petro Youth in Grand Mall

21-22 February 2014

Workshop "Take your hand”

23 September 2014

The meeting induction group

30 September 2014

Prezi workshop

19 October 2014

Petro station

21 October 2014

Oil and Gas Revelation Exhibition

22-24 November 2014

Seminar about directional drilling

4 December 2014

Visit the oil and gas exhibition on PDO

11 December 2014

Seminar about production technology

22 December 2014




Petro City Event



Oil and Gas Revolution Event