Society of Mechanical Engineering

Student-based societies provide students with opportunities to learn, promote 21st century skills, and share their experiences and knowledge to develop academically, socially, and professionally. Ultimate goal of the societies are to promote research, industrial collaboration, and innovation in Oman and prepare individuals to become contributing members of the community and the world. The societies organize and host events such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and workshops. The Department encourages the students to join such organizations and to participate events.


Society of Mechanical Engineering, SME

The Society of Mechanical Engineering (SME) at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) is a non-profit student-led society established and authorized by the College of Engineering in 2000. The SME provides technical knowledge and training to its members, especially students of the Mechanical Engineering program at SQU. The SME is active in organizing exhibitions, seminars, gatherings, workshops, and social and sports events. The SME has an outstanding record of participation and winning prizes in different scientific meets and competitions both inside and outside Oman. The Society aims through these activities to enhance and sculpture its members’ skills and talents as well as expand friendship and networking amongst them and with non-members.


Recent Activities for SME



Zero-Defect Exhibition

The seventh mechanical engineering exhibition was held in the exhibition hall of the student services center at Sultan Qaboos University. The aim of this exhibition was to encourage students to think, invent solutions and to explore the latest innovations related to the mechanical engineering field and how they were implemented in real life problems.

The exhibition was for four days (24th - 27th of February, 2019). Professor Hadj Bourdoucen (Dean of Engineering) inaugurated the exhibition with the presence of other faculty members from college of Engineering. Professor Hadj and the faculty members visited all the exhibition sections. They also spent some time reviewing students’ project from both inside and outside the university.


Release the Clutch 4 Event

Release the Clutch 4 was held in the Amphitheatre parking lot at Sultan Qaboos University for the period from 26th to 27th of February 2019. The focus of the event was on the new technologies which are designed and implemented by top car manufacturing companies. The main corner in this event hosted the latest automobiles and their new technologies that were explained by specialized technicians. The event also included several corners that intrigued the visitors and played a significant role in attracting around 1,200 visitors and car enthusiast. Haitham Al-Hadidi, the Redbull drifting champion, presented his locally tuned drifting car and share his moments and how his car helped in making him a champion. Another exciting corner was for classic cars where the owners presented a brief history about these cars and how they maintained them with the classic signature. The event was sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini-Cooper, Petrogas, OMIFCO, Oman Automobile Association and Muscat Speedway.


Mouse Trap Competition

Mouse trap competition was organized by SME for the first time at Sultan Qaboos University. The competition was held in the open theatre parking lot on 27th of February 2019. Five teams participated in this competition. The evaluation committee for the competition consisted of Dr. Ahmed Al-Azizi, Dr. Abdullah Al-Janabi, Dr. Hassen Ouakad and Eng. Hussain Al-Rashdi. The main objective of this competition is to improve the ability of innovative thinking for SQU students. It also offered engineering students the experience of designing a system and build a porotype for testing.


Introduction to CNC Machining Workshop

SME organized an introductory workshop on CNC machining. The workshop was held on 14th of March, 2019. The workshop was conducted by Engineer Abdullah Al-Omrani in the CIM lab at block C in the college of engineering. The number of students attended the workshop was 10 students. The main focus of the workshop was to convert a computer design file to a physical part which is basically the main idea behind CNC machining. In the workshop, a design file of the mechanical engineering society logo was converted to G-code which is required by the CNC machine. The G-code drove the machine to do the machining and the time needed to finish the work was chosen. As the time is less, the accuracy of the work done will be less and vice versa. It took about half an hour to manufacture the logo producing a good design at the end.


Internal Combustion Engine Workshop

SME organized a workshop titled “Internal combustion engine (comprehensive Overview). It was delivered by Dr. Abdullah Al-Janabi, Assistant Professor at the MEIE department. The workshop discussed important topics about automobiles such as the energy consumption and engine performance. Also, the workshop focused on the different types of internal combustion engines and their uses.


SolidWorks Workshop

SME also organized a workshop for “SolidWorks” which was conducted by Almerdas Al-Kindi who is a member in the society of mechanical engineers. SolidWorks is one of common software in engineering for design and drafting. The workshop covered topics about 2D drawings and 3D modeling. The Workshop was attractive to the students from inside and outside the engineering collage.


Welding Workshop

The Society of mechanical engineers held many sessions in welding for about 6 times this academic year 2018/2019. Each workshop is a 2-hours practical training on Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). The sessions were conducted by the training workshop instructors who are specialize in welding. The objective of these workshops is to train the mechanical engineering students in welding so that it will help them to accomplish their course’ projects as well as the final year project.


Firefighting Workshop

SME has organized a workshop titled “firefighting” in cooperation with the public authority of civil defense and ambulance. The main fire hazards around us and how to deal with them safely were discussed in the workshop. Also, the instructor explained the main equipment of firefighting such as fire blanket and fire extinguisher. The common mistakes that happen when people deal with this equipment were explained. After that, students participated in a practice to use the firefighting equipment.