Petroleum Engineering



The PhD in Petroleum Engineering Program aims at the following:

To provide a high level of education and up-to-date knowledge which will enable graduates to handle and manage the latest technologies in their fields; To prepare graduates to assume leading roles in teaching, research and industry; To enhance research in the Sultanate of Oman and develop cooperative links with local, regional and international academic and industrial research institutes; and to equip the students with high-level skills of communication and management that will enable them to assume leading roles in public and private sectors. The faculty of the Department are highly motivated and come from renowned international academic and research institutions. Together with qualified technical staff, they conduct research along with consultancy services in the following areas: Enhanced oil-recovery, Rock mechanics, Mercury testing, Reservoir and Production Engineering, Reservoir Simulation, Water flooding, Wettability alternations in carbonates, Water flooding, Multi-objective optimization, etc. The PCE department laboratories house several kinds of experimental facilities. The graduates of department are employed in the public sector and reputable local and international companies.


Degree Plan


PhD. in Petroleum Engineering 2021-2022

PhD. in Petroleum Engineering 2020-2021

PhD. in Petroleum Engineering 2019-2020

PhD. in Petroleum Engineering 2018-2019


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