The College provides research and consultancy services to assist organizations in solving problems encountered by the industries. Faculty and staff at the College, as illustrated by a variety of externally funded research projects perform experimental, computational, and analytical studies. Several projects have been completed, while many others are ongoing or under review.



In addition to this, the College also attracts research grants or contracts from national and international organizations, which focuses both on fundamental and applied aspects. There has been steady growth in these funds starting from 2009, when the college has lunched the doctoral programs in six disciplines. Figure 1 below shows the total fund attracted for research. Because of the research activities done in the College of Engineering, researchers have published large number of papers and technical reports as shown in the Figure 2. The number of completed postgraduate thesis (Master and Doctoral) is shown in Figure 3.




 Figure 1: Total research fund in Omani Riyal for the period 1995-2019


Figure 2: Growth in scholarly publication from year 2001 until 2017


Figure 3: Number of postgraduate thesis completed from 2006 until 2023