Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) adapted the philosophy of academic advising, documented in the regulation of the university since the establishment of the university in 1986. According to the university regulation:

“Following admission to the University, each student shall be assigned an academic Advisor” whose role is to: 1. Help the student discover their potential and capabilities. 2. Verify the student's choice of courses each semester in accordance with the degree plan and Academic Regulations. 3. Assist the student in exploring alternative paths to the degree if for any reason, the normal pace of the degree is disrupted. 4. Advise the student on other matters affecting his / her studies. The Advisor must follow up with their student’s proposed registration each semester and help in developing a recovery plan for students on academic probation in consultation with the appropriate Assistant Dean.”

With the aim of above learning-centered developmental philosophy of advising, the university believes that the advisor plays a role with respect to a student's entire curriculum that is similar to the role that the teacher plays with respect to the content of a single course. The advisors at SQU play a central role in enhancing a student's education by helping the student to understand curriculum, choosing foundational general education classes, and exploring subject areas of interest or growth, exploring, advising and helping the student on other matters affecting his / her studies.



To align with the national education policy, from the academic year 2010/2011, the Foundation Program in SQU became a mandatory introduction for the study in all the university’s colleges. As of the program has been designed to prepare the students who have been accepted to study in the university in order to achieve the required educational goals before entering to a college program.

Due to existence of the Foundation Program, the College of Engineering at SQU realized that the process of department allocation takes on average about 3 to 4 semesters. During this period students are registering in courses outside the department. With the aim to give a better and centralized advising services to the fresh students, the College of Engineering has established a Pre-Specialization Academic Advising Unit (PAAU) with effect from registrations of Fall-2014.



To serve the advising goal, a team of 8 to 9 advisers from different programs of engineering, targets to achieve the unit’s mission to provide a nurturing learning environment that helps students graduate with degrees in stipulated time. The services employed by the PAAU are holistic and developmental, addressing the assessed and expressed educational needs of each student.



Location of Pre-Specialization Academic Advising Unit

 The office of PAAU is located in premises of College of Engineering at ground floor. Separate entrances for male and female students are provided (see below).


Entrance for females:

From female walkway side

Entrance for males:

From male walkway side

Room Number 0036

Room Number 0033



 List of Advisors for Pre-Specialization Academic Advising Unit for the academic year 2020-2021:



Dr. Sulaiman Al-Obaidani
Assistant Professor
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Office Room No. 2055

Tel: +968-24141311


Associate Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Office Room No. 2057
E-Mail :

Tel. : +968 24141373


Assistant Professor
Civil and Architectural Engineering
Office Room No. 2035
E-Mail :

Tel. : +968 24142678



Dr. Rami Alhmouz
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office Room No. 2058

Tel. : +968 24141328


Dr. Khalid Alzebdeh
Associate Professor
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Office Room No. 2015

Tel: +968-24142556



Dr. Mohammed Al Abri
Associate Professor
Petroleum & Chemical Engineering
Office Room No. 1015

Tel. : +968 24141364


Dr. Kazi Abu Sohel
Assistant Professor
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Office Room No. 202

Tel: +968-24143752


Associate Professor
Petroleum & Chemical Engineering
Office Room No. 1004

Tel. : +968 24141357







Delivery of Seminars, Tutorials and training Programs

To strengthen the advising system for students’ success, the unit arranged series of seminars and tutorials for students. In addition, training programs for the academic advisors are conducted to enhance awareness of regulation and resources to deliver an effective advising to advisees.



Course Registration

If you have passed Foundation Program courses (see Table 1) or in the process of completing Foundation courses and you want to register credit courses then you need to do the following:


  1. If able to register online using your SIS account (go to and click on Reg User Guide (zip) for more information on online registration procedure). The system allows you to check the availability of the seats and check pre-requisites and timetable of courses and sections.
  2. If you cannot register online, take the DROP/ADD form from the PAAU office.
  3. Fill the DROP/ADD form with appropriate courses after checking your timetable and pre-requisites. Take the signature of your advisor and the instructor of the course (section) and, finally go to the department timetable coordinator or directly to the Deanship of Admission and Registration for authorization in the course.
  4. If you need any further help, please meet any of the listed advisors of the unit.