The College Of Education

            Sultan Qaboos University, College of Education (COE) was founded in 1986, it was called the College of Education and Islamic Sciences but the name was changed to the College of Education. The academic programs offered by the college have evolved and changed in accordance to the Sultanate of Oman’s educational field requirements and in line with the global trends and developments in the field of teaching. The COE admitted 250 students as its first batch in 1986 and had their first graduation rites in May1990. Over the years, the COE introduced the addition of new academic departments and undergraduate programs. The COE offered three programs in 1986 and established eight programs in 2003. Currently, the COE offers nine undergraduate programs. In postgraduate studies, the college was the first to offer master degree programs in 1992. Currently, the college has 29 programs, including 6 programs at the doctoral degree level and 23 programs at the master degree level.



            The College of Education aspires to be a professional and contemporary center of excellence that affirms societal and scientific values, contributes to the quality of life for each individual, and enhances the prosperity of society as a whole.



            The College of Education is committed to preparing distinguished graduates in teaching, training, counseling, and research through undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The College strives to be a center of excellence that uses scientific research to develop sustainable systems and programs that meet the needs of the society while also fostering its values.


The Distinguished Graduate

            The distinguished education graduate is a leader who is empowered with specialized knowledge, expert skills, values of the field and society, and has the ability to utilize contemporary research findings to maximize self-learning through reflective practice and life-long learning in order to provide diversified optimal learning experiences for all students.