Tasks of the Office

Welcome to the Office of the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies at the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University, which assumes a essential role in facilitating the teaching and learning process, whether for students or faculty members, by introducing the academic regulations and rules for university studies followed at the university, and the facilities, guidelines and solutions provided by the office due to the difficulties and problems students face during their studies, in a way that helps them achieve their academic goals, and coordinates with other bodies and colleges, in addition to carrying out many tasks related to academic affairs important to the conduct of the educational learning process, whether for faculty members or students.

The College of Education offers 9 undergraduate programs, namely:
  • Bachelor in Islamic Studies
  • Bachelor in Arabic Language
  • Bachelor in English Language
  • Bachelor in Science and Mathematics
  • Bachelor in Childhood
  • Bachelor in Physical Education
  • Bachelor in Art EducationBachelor in Teaching and Learning Technology
  • Bachelor in Primary Education
  • The college also offers an educational diploma in several specializations
The Office of the Assistant Dean for University Studies with its distinguished team welcomes any inquiries or requests for assistance from all fellow faculty members or dear students via the e-mail: edu.adus@squ.edu.om



Important Forms

The forms are available according to the time allotted to them during the semester and are announced via e-mail









  • Academic Advising Day :  As part of the College of Education's dedicated efforts to activate the role of academic advising in various ways including holding an academic advising day. The office of the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies organized an academic advising day under the title (Take My Hand) on March 13, 2023 under the patronage of Prof. Hussein Al Kharousi, Assistant Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Community Service. The event included a discussion session in the presence of representatives of other colleges and centers within the university. The discussion focused on the role of the academic advising and sharing experience of each guest regarding Advising. It also included a number of corners that highlighted different academic affairs, competitions, discussions and important information.


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