College of Education strives in its mission to assert being an expert house serving the community and reinforcing its values and sustainable development based on research. The office of the Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service specializes in offering training and professional development services to candidates and college faculty and staff. It also organizes the college’s operations and services related to community service and dissemination of knowledge through liaising with related authorities within the university. In addition, the office maintains communication with the college’s alumni, organizes candidates training, and helps in supervising the students’ societies. The office regards candidates training as a crucial element in their preparation either through student teaching in their specialized disciplines and through the training courses in different areas in order to develop the candidates’ administrative, technical and life skills. 
There are various field training in the college according to majors such as:

  1. Student teaching program for general B.Ed. candidates
  2. Student teaching program for B.Ed. candidates in educational leadership 
  3. Internship program for Instructional and Learning Technology candidates. 


As far as student teaching is concerned, the office cooperates with the Department of Curriculum and Instruction with in the college and the Ministry of Education to place final year candidates in various schools in different location such as Muscat, Barka, & Bidbid to practice teaching and get experience in in real professional environments with school students. 
The office also conducts a number of training courses in different areas such as computer applications, self-development, and others. These courses are expected to develop the students’ skills and personalities in a way that would enable them to better interact with the society after graduation. 
Another program organized by the office is the English language summer program for English language students, which usually takes place in Australian, British, or New Zealand Universities. This is an annual trip planned for these students who meet the program’s requirements and conditions to improve their English, communication skills, and learn about other cultures. 
Finally, the office organizes alumni gatherings of graduates from the college’s B.Ed., M.Ed., or Diploma programs.