The College of Education in Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), is committed to implementing and refining a process of continuous and comprehensive assessment and improvement. The quality assurance system in the College’s main considerations since its establishment and it was administered by the Dean’s office. The College’s emphasis on assessment intensified in Fall 2011 when it began focusing on efforts to prepare for NCATE accreditation. In 2011, the College established three important units to serve quality assurance purposes. These were the Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Unit (QAAAU), the Assessment Unit (AU), and the Field Experience and Student Teaching (FEST) unit. Both QAAAU and AU were responsible for developing and applying a quality assurance system. In September 2020, the College merged the AU into the QAAAU, and since then, the QAAAU is responsible of applying the quality assurance system. The quality assurance system has gone through a few stages of development since it was designed. Initially, it was designed in 2012, and for the purposes of preparation for accreditation, the College reviewed the system, replaced and modified some components, and added new components. As a result, a new version of quality assurance system was developed and approved in 2017. 


To achieve the academic accreditation and recognition for the College and its programs with outstanding qualified practices that improve access to optimal learning through reach educational experiences.


To undertake actions and professional practices focused on improving quality of educational experiences and programs that meet international standards, which lead to distinguished graduates. 


The unit works toward accomplishing the following goals:

  • Review, improve and utilize the College accreditation processes.
  • Create and follow up the College plans for accreditation and quality assurance.
  • Communicate with accreditation and quality assurance agencies and organizations.
  • Create and propose the College of Education annual report.
  • Socialize the culture of accreditation among faculty, staff, and candidates.
  • Design and deliver workshops related to accreditation processes.
  • Organize and manage visits of reviewers and accreditation experts. 
  • Follow up submitted reports from reviewers and accreditation experts. 
  • Provide consultation on accreditation processes. 
  • Manage, collect and analyze data of assessment tools for all college programs.