About Alumni

The College of Education is keen to keep an open channel with its alumni from all majors. The office of the Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service (ADTCS) aims to maintain strong and sustainable networks with the college’s graduates. Through the office, the college organizes several annual events for its graduates in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Communication with graduates takes place on several levels, such as:
1. Informing graduates of the college’s developments,
2. Inviting them to participate in its events and activities such as forums, open days, conferences, students’ extra-curricular activities and funded research, 
3. Involving them in mentoring some of the college’s candidates when the latter does the practicum course Student Teaching in their schools or internships in their professional sites, which creates a professionally reciprocal positive experience for both parties. 
4. Involving them in the college’s development plans. 

The office also works to reduce the gap between graduates and the college so that both parties can learn from each other's experiences to achieve development goals and build a positive sustainable relationship between them to support continuous improvement plans.