Office of Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service



The Office of the Assistant Dean of Training and Community Service aspires to improve the knowledge and skills of the academic, administrative, and technical caliber working in College of Education to improve their performance and empower them to provide the best. The office also aspires to promote the role of the College of Education in community service in a way that helps the later achieve its vision and mission.






First: Training and Professional Development
The office organizes training programs and professional development sessions aimed at developing academic, personal, and administrative skills of staff. For academic staff, the office provides regular workshops on various topics such as instructional interaction with students, research skills, academic supervision, and effective utilization of technology. The office also facilitates training opportunities for administrative and technical staff to improve their performance.  Training topics are varied and are based on a systematic process of needs analysis. The office attracts various trainers and specialists in different training areas both from the college and off-campus to help share experiences and maximize the benefits.  
Second: Community Service 
The office of the Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service, in liaison with the Center of Community Service and Continuing Education involves the qualified academic cadre at the College of Education in serving the community by providing training programs in several educational fields. The office also organizes and executes voluntary society initiatives that involve both staff and students to support and develop students’ voluntary abilities and skills and help achieve the college’s mission in serving the wider community.  The office also aims to serve a bigger spectrum of the society and aspires to widen its targeted audience in both public and private sectors.  
Third: Scholarships
Pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies of the college’s staff members is tremendously important for the college and the office. The office receives all applications for pursuing further studies from staff and examines each application in the training and scholarship committee of the college. The office, then, contacts the Center of Staff Development for other university procedures. Successful applicants are released from work to finish their studies. Once on study leave, the office regularly follows them up until they finish their studies.
Fourth: Alumni
The college alumni are one of the college’s strongest links with the job market. The office works on building a positive relationship with the alumni to help support the college and achieve its development goals. Examples of communication channels are graduates forums that seek to collect their views and input on various aspects of the college, involving graduates in research activities and involving them in the college’s events and social activities. Another equally important strategy endorsed by the office is building an electronic database of the college graduates and updating it regularly by collaborating and communicating with the Center of Career Guidance, the Deanship of Admission and Registration and the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies.