The Distinguished Students’ Program: Wahaj
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Program vision:
Upgrading the distinguished students in the College of Education by investing in their energies and abilities; To be an added value to their society, country and humanity.

Program mission:
Preparing an academic environment that incubates and stimulates the capabilities of the distinguished students of the College of Education, in order to develop them and maintain the sustainability of their impact on the various aspects of their personality and to ensure employment in various aspects of life.
General objectives of the program:

General objectives of the program:

1) Providing outstanding students with the necessary skills to advance them in their fields of excellence.
2) Motivating distinguished students to discover their abilities and capabilities.
3) Training distinguished students on modern technology.
4) Encouraging creativity and innovation among distinguished students.
5) Informing distinguished students of knowledge developments in their areas of interest , and developing their various personal skills.
6) Preparing distinguished students for the positions they will lead in the future.


• Academic Field: Mathematics, Science, Arabic and English...etc
• Sports field: football, basketball, swimming, running, athletics...etc
• The artistic field: painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design....etc
• The literary field: singing, recitation, poetry, prose, oratory....etc
• The technological field: the development of electronic programs, the use of technology in educational programs...etc
Other fields: voluntary, social, ethical fields...etc

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth
The Ministry of Education
Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation
Injaz Oman Foundation
Youth Vision Foundation
Imam Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal University: Mawhiba Program.
College of Education, United Arab Emirates University