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PhD Programs 


In accordance with the academic regulations for Postgraduate Studies at Sultan Qaboos University, and in order to realize its strategy calling for the opening of more programmes in Postgraduate Studies, the Department of Islamic Sciences at the College of Education proposes the project of a PhD program in Islamic Studies.

It is the vision and mission of the department and its objective to prepare outstanding educational executive experts able to nurture and progress through the specialized knowledge, with a capability for research and the editing of manuscripts in the various Islamic sciences, as well as to bring about the specialized competence for employment in various areas such as Endowments, Education and Teaching, Ifta, Teaching in Tertiary Institutions, at Court, and in Finance.

This program is the first PhD program in the specialization of Islamic Sciences in the Sultanate. It aims at the consolidation of scientific research in the various areas of Islamic sciences as well as contributing to the development of society. Its objective is to provide efficient solutions for arising intellectual and Islamic legal questions, and to fulfil the need of the university and the Sultanate for specialized academic skills.
The program aims at securing advanced and specialized research expertise in the Islamic Sciences. It is divided into three areas:
1.    The Foundation of Religion and the Call to Islam (Usul al-Din wa l-dawa)
2.    Islamic Jurisprudence and its Foundations (Al-Fiqh wa Usuluhu)
3.    Fiqh Islamic Economics (Fiqh al-Iqtisad al-islami)




PhD Program In Islamic Studies



The department offers a range of courses. Below is a description of each course:


PhD Thesis In Islamic Studies: ISLM8002

A thesis containing original work of suitable merit to demonstrate the candidate command of the relevant research design: Islamic sciences and the ability to undertake independent research. At least one paper to be published or accepted for publication in an international peer-refereed journal or alternately presenting scientific papers in an international relevant conference.



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