Community Service : Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology serves the community by providing a variety of programs, workshops and services aimed at developing awareness and better understanding of psychological issue as they relate to health and/or education.


Examples of Recent Community Service Activities

Prof Mahmoud Emam

  • Consultancy contract with the Ministry of Education: Development of Instruments for the diagnosis of reading disabilities in cycle 1 schools in Oman.
  • Consultancy in collaboration with Vanderbilt University and Abu-Dhabi Education Council: Training teachers in Abu Dhabi on curriculum-based measurements for the identification of struggling learners in elementary schools.


Prof Said Aldhafri

  • Workshop: How to be a Self-regulated Learner – Sultan Qaboos University – June 2020
  • Workshop: Research Project Management – Sultan Qaboos University – October 2022


Prof Ali Kadhim

  • Statistical Analysis Workshop – College of Qiyada and Arkan – September 2022
  • Lecture: Top Five Scientific Efficiencies of Post-graduate students – Arab Open University – January 2021
  • Talk: Interactive Online Assessments – Sultan Qaboos University – March 2021


Dr. Yousif Abu Shindi

  • Workshop: Scientific Research Plan – College of Qiyada and Arkan – September 2022
  • Workshop: Learning Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education – Dhofar University – 2021
  • Workshop: Improving Memory Skills: How to Memorize the Holy Quran - 2022


Dr. Manal Al-Fazari

  • Workshop on Excessive Compulsive Disorder – Sultan Qaboos University – November 2021
  • Workshop on Student Support Program – Sultan Qaboos University – March 2022


Dr. Jalal Damra

  • Supervisory visit with M.A. students to the Center for the Protection of Women and Children from Violence and Human Trafficking – March 2020
  • Post-graduate Student Workshop on the Research Question – Deanship of Research – November 2022
  • A dialogue session entitled “Depression at University” in cooperation with the Student Counseling Center Sultan Qaboos University – November 2021


Dr. Ehab Omara

  • Scientific Referencing Workshop - College of Qiyada and Arkan – September 2022
  • Quantitative Data Analysis Workshop - College of Qiyada and Arkan – September 2022


Dr. Mahmoud AL-Maawali

  • Providing professional advice to the Unified Admission Center in the preparation of the "My Specialization" guide – June to August 2022
  • Talk: Psychological Health and Well-being – Ministry of Education – October 2022
  • Lecture on International Health Day: Psychological Health and Well-being – Nizwa University – October 2022


Dr Mai Helmy

  • Workshop: Psychological Measurement and Tests – Sohar University – November 2022