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An overview of Master Program of Art

The idea of this master program from the Art Education department with collaboration from the curriculum and instruction department came to fulfill the leading role of the college in increasing the quality of post graduate programs, and to embody the strategic plan of the university (2016-2040), which aims to increase and diversify the post graduate studies’ programs and to establish a framework for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary programs. Both departments Art Education and Curriculum and Instruction will supervise the teaching of the program. However, Art Education department is the owner of the program. This project has arisen from the similarities between the two curricula and the target groups. Moreover, the available resources in the two departments guarantee the sustainability and uniqueness of the project’s in both departments. The program has been designed in accordance to the postgraduate regulation at SQU, and with the accreditation requirements of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) regarding the courses quality and the required number of hours. The program also follows the NASAD standards in graduation requirements where the final project may take one of following forms: an exhibit, a thesis, a portfolio, a graduation project or another demonstration of competence related to the graduate program.
The degree titles in the two specialization will be as following:
A- Master of Arts in: Fine Arts
B- Master of Arts in: Teaching Arts
The program will be open in two options:
1. Master by course work (36 credit hours).
2. Master by course work and thesis (24 credit hours+6 hours for thesis).


Master of Art program degree plans:


Description of Master program courses: 

Specialized Applications in Art: ARED6002
This course aims to provide the candidate with the opportunity to quit the conventional path in their Art production and practicing the Post-Modern Art such as Installation Art, Land Art, Environmental Art, Performance Art, Body Art and Action Art. It also aims to equip the candidate with the scientific knowledge related to these Art trends and styles, and offers him/her the opportunity of Art expression with reflecting to his/her style and cultural background and the issues of the society while producing artworks and using the advanced applications. Moreover, candidate will be able to analyze and criticize his/her own and the others' artworks. In conclusion, this course aims to equip the candidate with new art skills and techniques relating to contemporary arts, its techniques and various shapes to enable her/him to express their ideas, feelings and the values throughout creating meaningful artworks of contemporary arts by using different materials and styles.


Art Studio (1): ARED6005
The course offers to the candidate the opportunity to find a project related to his/her own art major specialization, to investigate and research the theoretical and practical background of the project including art theories and its history, art criticism and aesthetic. In this course, candidate will conduct Art-Based Research project and explores the artists’ experiences, which will inspire him/her in terms of idea and technique in order to developing his/her art practices and promote creativity and their art project. It will help to explore problems, artistic and aesthetics solutions. In general, this course aims to enable the candidate to focus on one discipline of Fine Arts and participate in conducting advanced art studies, which are in-depth in the art history, in order to equip him/her with the knowledge of artwork in his/her major specialization.


Art Studio (2): ARED6006
In this course, the candidate will continue his/her Art Project, which has begun in the previous semester in the course of ARED 6005 Art Studio (1). This course will focus on completing the practical side of the idea of the project. candidate will present a visual presentation about the previous artworks, which has been achieved during the last semester. He/she will also determine the plan of action in this semester including art directions and ideas that will be preached on. At the end of this course, candidates are required to submit a theoretical research of their project according to the specific criteria as determined by the Art Education Department. He/she must exhibit his/her all artworks were carried out in this course and the course of Art Studio (1) prepared and organized by the candidates themselves, their artworks will be juried by a committee consisted of an external examiner and two examiners from the department, accordingly the candidate’s result will be determined in these two courses.


Intensive Specialized Workshop: ARED6009
The course aims to enhance the practical side of the candidates' specializations field. It focuses on providing him/her with more opportunities to refine his/her acquired artistic talents and to focus intensively on a specific discipline in Fine Arts. It enables him/her to explore alternative forms and high techniques in the specialization area. It requested from candidate to prepare and deliver a presentation about his/her specialized art project related to their own art experiences; this will include presenting view of previous artwork made in the practical courses Since he/she joins the program, and candidate will specify the area of specialization will focus on with the project plan that he/she will be working on in the intensive specialized workshop. Through professional practice in this course, candidate will be able to make decisions regarding his/her professional development, goals and orientations on the way of work, and to identify his/her personal aesthetic visions and objectives at the postgraduate study level.
Art History and Aesthetic: ARED6001
This course aims to equip the student with the knowledge of concerning to philosophies of Art, aesthetic theories and art criticism, which allows him/her to look into the concept of art and aesthetic values in the artworks of different Fine Arts’ disciplines, in order to reach out a greater understanding of the phenomenon of art and distinguish it from the other phenomena. This course provides to the candidates the opportunity to practice art criticism in depth, launching from the foundations, principles and theories of art criticism. enabling students to earn sensitive language of their contemporary trends at regional and international Arts and its influence on the disciplines of Art Education. It also aims to develop the candidates' creativity in synthesizing the newest technological media in artistic disciplines, and to design electronic and virtual museums and their implementation, through innovative applications which will undergo a scientific discussion by the field experts.
Islamic Art and its Contemporary Implementations: ARED6004
This course aims to equip the candidate with an in-depth understanding of Islamic Arts generally and modern Islamic Arts specifically through studying modern Arab and Muslim Artists’ experimentations especially those tackling the introductions of contemporary art via new Islamic form and content. This course offers theoretical study of the contemporary philosophy and experimental introductions to the Islamic Art, language of form and content, the ‘Visible and Invisible’ philosophy, orientalists’ experiences in Islamic Art with treating the issues and problems related to contemporary practices in Post-Modern of Islamic Art. Moreover, the course offers students the opportunity to produce artworks conveying the Islamic identity in a modern way.


Studio for Art Education Teacher: ARED6007
This course aims to define the role and the importance of Art Studio as a space of belonging to the Art tutor, and a center for experimentation and practical applications of various Fine Arts disciplines. It presents experiences of teachers in global Arts for the purpose of deepen the candidates’ Art experiences. This course also gives the candidate the opportunity to practice his/her own areas of interests, and encourages him/her to creativity and develop the art competencies to be active in the field. This course focuses on teachers’ personal interests and experiences in the area of Arts and how to transfer it to pupils in schools by linking the professional art practices to the teaching process during the process of learning to enrichment the pupils with art productions.


Professional Art Exhibitions: ARED6008
This course aims to provide high experiences on how to design and prepare personal and group Art exhibitions by studying the objectives, principles and foundations of organizing professional art exhibitions. This course will provide the opportunities for studying and analyzing the current exhibitions in the region, and for conducting critical studies about the nature of theses exhibitions. The course also focuses on discussion the candidates’ ideas and review them through group discussions, critics and feedbacks. It aims to developing the candidates' ideas by getting inspired from the visitor artists’ practices and experiences in their exhibitions. Generally, this course has been designed to guide and encourage the candidates to establish their personal exhibitions, associated with Art production as indicated in the program of study and research project thesis of art studios.


Contemporary Arts for Art Teacher: ARED6010
This course aims to provide in-depths studies about contemporary Art practices and their challenges and issues. Candidates will study contemporary arts from both theoretical and practical perspectives, and the relation between these practices, personal artistic practices and contemporary arts school teaching. This course offers real opportunities to integrate contemporary arts in the classrooms curriculum by focusing on some current issues, topics and concepts, which regarded as an intellectual challenge in contemporary teaching of arts. It also provides the opportunities to link the contemporary artists’ creations in all art disciplines and from as multiculturalism that associated with professional practices of art teachers, with an opportunity to experiment these experiences in public schools.
Modern technological media in Arts and its Applications: ARED6003
This course aims to equip the candidate with the contemporary concepts and knowledge of modern technological media, and to acquaint with the advanced techniques. It also provides candidate with the knowledge of the international art trends related to the modern technology, their applications in the scopes of laser, computer, video Art, Mechanism motion of sculpture and the Arts of light. This done by conducting analytical studies of scientific methods in technological media applications and their contemporary trends at regional and international Arts and its influence on the disciplines of Art Education. It also aims to develop the candidates' creativity in synthesizing the newest technological media in artistic disciplines, and to design electronic and virtual museums and their implementation, through innovative applications which will undergo a scientific discussion by the field experts.

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