Field Experience and Student Teaching

The Filed Experience and Student Teaching (FEST) Unit was established in 6 August 2013 to become an important part of the Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service’s office. Its establishment was a response to the increasing training needs of the various degree programs offered by the College of Education; especially that CoE recognizes quality education and field training as a priority and a necessity for fulfilling its mission. FEST was born on grounds of the concept of partnership between CoE and the on-site training providers and potential employers of its graduates, public and private schools under the supervision of the Ministry of Education being the most important of which at the current stage. Thus, FEST is viewed as the liaison party between CoE and MoE to organize and facilitate candidates’ field experience and training, and to establish an open channel of communication between both institutions in order to collaboratively design, implement, and assess the training process.

FEST was established with the following vision, mission and objectives.


The Field Experiences and Student Teaching unit (FEST) aspires to establish and sustain an effective partnership between the College of Education, the Ministry of Education and other training partners.


FEST is committed to effectively organize the planning, implementation and evaluation of field experiences and student teaching to help the college’s degree programs advance in steady strides towards achieving their program goals.


  • Enhancing communication between the unit and the Ministry of Education in order to improve candidates’ involvement in field experiences.
  • Strengthening the relationship between the college and its training parties in order to design, implement, and assess field experiences.
  • Organizing field experiences and student teaching.
  • Organizing and implementing workshops for beneficiaries in the College of Education and the Ministry of Education related to different aspects of student teaching.
  • Promoting effective communication between the College of Education and different sites of field experiences and student teaching.
  • Providing transportation to deliver candidates to partner schools.
  • Facilitating the process of data entry of FEST assessment tools for supervisors, cooperative teachers and candidates.